Hoverwatch Lets You Monitor Phones Discreetly

Do you often wonder whether your kids are safe in the virtual environment? Do they secretly text and it makes you anxious? You’re not crazy! Maximum children indulge in gruesome acts during adolescence. Hence it is crucial to check their message records frequently. Maybe your child is prone towards depression or worse – drug abuse. Monitoring their details with cell phone app from Hoverwatch can help you take proper action in time.

How to create a safer virtual environment?

Today smartphones store massive amounts of personal data. Some of the apps require you to give permission to the gallery, storage files, SMS, etc. By allowing the apps with such privacy overrides the users compromise the security of the mobile phones. With “Hoverwatch” you can not only monitor your users, but you can also keep yourself safe from such threats.

Protect your kids and monitor productivity

Kids today get iPads and smartphones from a very young age. You cannot stop it because technology demands it. Schools and colleges require notebooks and use of such high-end gadgets. As a result, underage kids are exposed to all kinds of content online. Sometimes they visit websites that are restricted for usage for their age. But who is watching? Unless they know someone is watching, they will not stop doing such things.

Hoverwatch lets you hover & watch!

Simply download and install Hoverwatch on the device which you want to monitor. It will help you track not only the messages but also the location of the mobile phone. It is easy to track cell phones nowadays – thanks to GPS! But parents who often struggle with technology can find use in Hoverwatch to keep an eye on their kids.

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Similarly, if you are an employer and you want to keep a check on your employees, ensure their working is in order, Hoverwatch might be of use. You can also see the web pages that your kids have visited. Worried they are chatting to someone they shouldn’t be chatting with? Find it out via this app.

What about the vulnerability of the data collected?

The data obtained is private and confidential. This is why the developers at Hoverwatch have followed a few features to ensure that these features do their best job this way:

  • Internet blocking: Parents can now block certain websites remotely without kids coming to know.
  • Track up to five devices at the same time
  • Front camera control: Every time the target unlocks their photo, a photo gets clicked and sent to you.
  • Messages: Track MMS, SMS and also Facebook Messenger texts.
  • Reminders: You can track even the notes, calendars and reminders set on the phone.
  • GPS: Allows you to track the location of the phone at all times.
  • Call records: Listen to the calls your kids engage in.
  • SIM Card replaced: Get a notification every time the target changes his or her SIM card.

The phone will always be in a stealth mode, so your target will not come to know that you are checking their phone or call records.


Before you proceed to download it, ensure that your device is compatible with the software. As of now, the app will work perfectly on MAC, Windows, and Android.

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