How Beijing is turning into a true competitor of Silicon Valley

China is very productive and it has developed a lot many industries due to which it is considered to be a major competitor to many other nations. China has become increasingly productive in the sectors of smartphones, online services and e-commerce. China has become quite dominant in such sectors among all the other countries and so is the reason that now Beijing is said to be a city that is a true competitor of the Silicon Valley and it is due to a number reasons.

A security conference had recently been held in Amsterdam where a large number of Chinese speakers were present who told everyone about the advance security products that have been developed in China.

Chinese companies like Huawei and Xiaomi have become internationally popular due to their major productions. Recently a foldable electric bicycles have been developed by Xiaomi while on the other hand Huawei is working to launch their very own operating system. Xiaomi and Huawei seem to be more interested to invest for the research and development. TechCrunch, which is a technology blog of US, said that there is almost anything that can be produced and sold by the Xiaomi.

1) Chinese startups

There are many mobile applications that are developed in China at faster rate as compared to the ones in the US Valley. The existence of the balance between work and life is not quite there. Meetings are scheduled almost anytime. The culture of Chinese company work is about 12 hours. People work there from 9 am to 9 pm for six days in a week which is more than that in Silicon Valley.

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2) Entrepreneurs in China

The founder of Meituan, Xing Wang, is one of the biggest entrepreneurs in China. He had built a startup and within a time period of just six years he had turned his startup into one of the biggest commerce companies of the world. He was struggling when there were hundreds of startups that were up against the Groupon. Xing Wang has now outcompeted these companies not by transforming his company into one like these but instead his company is quite different from other companies.

3) Wave of revolution in China

In China the entrepreneurs are mostly observed to be more interested to be the fastest. They want to win at faster rates. A Ph.D. in aerodynamics had made a team of six and they have planned robots of 29 pounds and a 60 Kilowatt electric engine of a car while in stealth mode and having not any funding.

4) According to Cyriac Roeding

Cyriac Roeding says that there is a lot that Silicon Valley can learn from Beijing and also that Silicon Valley should also be concerned about real entrepreneurship that is creating something new and innovative out of almost nothing.

5) Chinese are no more cloning the Western startups

The argument Western startups are cloned by Chinese entrepreneurs is outdated now. They do clone sometimes but it just a starting point to reach the maximum. They do not clone because there are no enough successful ideas for cloning and clones fail often in the local market due to change in trends and different behavior of consumers.

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