HTC Accidentally Exposes Vive Dual Camera Smartphone

Well, it does not happen most of the times that the phone developer companies voluntarily expose the upcoming handsets. The companies tend to hide the information regarding the products so that the element of surprise is present. But today, HTC leaked the promotional video exposing the Vive dual camera smartphone.

Evan Blass was the first person to spot the leaked video and the handset. HTC has not used the Vive branded mobiles till date, and the HTC vive is virtual reality initiative for the company that happened last year.

The leaked video of Vive dual camera smartphone

From the Vive Branding on the HTC smartphone, what we can make sure is, the phone will come with the Vive virtual reality feature. According to the video of HTC, the mobile companies are focusing on creating the thinnest and most powerful devices. But they are not able to connect with the people that buy them. HTC also exposed the company’s laboratory where the company experiments with different designs and colors.

As the video continues, we see that there is HTC Vive Smartphone with dual cameras on the rear end. The horizontal dual camera set up is a trending feature that is used by Apple on iPhone 7 plus. And it was copied by the ZTE for the Zenfone 3 zoom.

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Apart from the flashy image of the phone that appears in the video, there is no more information about the HTC Vive-branded smartphone. There are speculations that this Vive dual camera smartphone will come with virtual reality feature and thus it should have a high-resolution display.

We might know about the Vive branded phone during the MWC which will take place in next month in Barcelona. With the dual camera facility, the phones can also pick up hand gestures and much more. But right now, all these are just speculations. We will come up with more info, as long as we get more real-time updates from our team of researchers. Till then, stay tuned!

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