Vive Studios From HTC Will Help In Development Of VR Games And Apps

Well, when it comes to virtual reality (VR) devices, HTC has got one of the best products available. The HTC Vive is the most sophisticated VR devices you will avail at present. And the company has shown a whole new level of commitment in VR devices. HTC Vive studios launched a new studio for the creation of virtual reality content for its headset. It also launched the first title from the division. The name is Arcade Saga. 2 Bears Studios prepared the Arcade Saga for HTC. It was the collection of three games and it uses of HTC Vive’s room scale VR. The primary objective of creating the in-house VR content with HTC Vive studio is pushing the sales of hardware over time. It is what Vive Studio division head Joel Breton told VB.

Price and categories of HTC Vive

HTC VIve is already offering the Arcade Saga at the price of $30. It is roughly around Rs 2000. At China, you will get this app at the company’s VR app store ViVeport. The company is acting as the first-party publisher like Microsoft and Sony. They have their studios for developing games for PlayStation and the Xbox gaming consoles. According to the reports of Gadgets NDTV, the studio will create gaming content and also focus on other categories. It will create content for different categories like “Education, cinematic, design, real estate, social and sports as well. HTC Vive is also focused on building tools and apps that can revolutionize the different areas like media, retail, and location-based entertainment centers, arcades, and healthcare.

What does Vive studio division head say?

As stated by Joel Breton, “We’re excited to formally unveil Vive Studios as a new pillar in HTC’s initiative to drive persistent growth for VR. The aim of HTC Vive studios is to nurture and discover the talent. It helps in creating content which continually pushes off the boundaries of the experiences VR can deliver. The VR ecosystem needs a persistent flow of exciting experiences and AAA content that can help grow our audience.

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Oculus and Vive X

Well, HTC’s VR partner, Valve, has already taken up a lead on putting out VR content development for Steam VR. The company already sorted out the major VR content investments from Oculus. It is already having a small content of VR library on its platform. But most people agree that the content has greater depth than SteamVR, which means the Vive. Now it seems HTC wants to change it. The company supported the VR content developers in different initiatives. But the formal efforts like the Vive X accelerator is more focused on the startup and venture style investing than the content publishing.

Target of HTC

HTC will put the Vive headset in the internet cafes and also for the dedicated entertainment centers. The supporting software will be Vive X. The HTC Vive studios will function in a much similar manner. For the established game and app developers, they will offer opportunities that create top notch VR content.Oculus Studios are focused on gaming content. HTC Vive will pursue a lot more contents. It fits the broader scope for HTC’s own Viveport VR app platform. It is less focused on gaming content than we have seen so far from Oculus Home and SteamVR. HTC is focused on creating materials for Vive’s partnership and arcade business. It is also targeting the international market, especially China.

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