Hushme – The World’s First Voice Mask For Smartphones

Speaking on mobile phones can sometimes become uncomfortable for a lot of people especially if you are in places like libraries, offices and other confined areas. We can understand, in a silent place, you would not want to bother other people. Now, for that situation, we have a solution. Here is the Hushme personal acoustic device that will help you in protecting your speech privacy in any environment. The device will keep your conversations private, and it will also not disturb other people around you. So how does this work?

Here is how the Hushme device works

First of all, there are three modes of the Hushme device, the headset mode, active mode and the passive mode. In the standard headset mode, the device connects to the smartphone through Bluetooth. So you will be able to use it completely hands-free while speaking or listening to music.

In the passive voice muffling mode, the device is locked over the mouth with the magnetic coupling. There are insulation materials also embedded within the mask. The device also comes with extra soft cushion muffs and special sound absorbing paints. In this way, a person standing even three feet away from you will not be able to listen to what you are saying. There is a built-in microphone which will carry on your speech.

The active voice masking mode is present in the headband. It is placed with proprietary algorithms. When you press the button, it will activate the speakers present in the perimeter of the mask. The speakers will generate masking sounds.

The audible sound of speech is 50-60 dB. In passive mode, the Hushme device lowers noise to 25dB. So, it becomes equivalent to a whisper in a room. The mask is silent when you are silent. It will raise and lower the volume according to the voice of the speaker. For the maximum efficiency, it is recommended to reduce the voice when you speak on the phone with Hushme. It will protect your speech privacy and also the person on the other side of the phone can hear you.

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The Hushme smartphone app

The Hushme device uses a dedicated smartphone app. You have to sync it with your smartphone, and it will enable you to choose the masking sound. The masking sound is available in the library. You can also add your customised masking sound and adjust the volume. You will get the sound of rain, ocean, and wind as default masking sound. The intensity and volume of the masking sound will depend on the volume of your speech. The Hushme iOS and Android app are completely free.

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The features of Hushme

  • You can replace the cushion muffs, clean them and replace it with new muffs.
  • You can adjust the size to set it up on your face. The mask is created in such a way that the size will fit all people.
  • You will also get efficient voice muffling, and the device comes in different colours.
  • You can use the device as a powerful wireless speaker which will allow you to listen to music.
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In the market

The Hushme device will be available in the market by December 2017. At present, the device just launched. One single set of device costs $129. In one set you will get a Hushme device, a set of replaceable cushion muffs, a micro USB, and also an audio 3.5 mini jack.

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