Hype – The New Replacement of Vine for Live Streaming

Hype is the new buzz which Vine creators have manufactured to replace their fractured video looping app named Vine.

Vine was an online platform that enabled its users to create short looping video clips of 6 seconds for friends and family. Users were allowed to share this video clip on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Its mobile application was available on iPhone, Android, and Windows platforms. Colin Kroll, Rus Yusupov, and Dominik Hofmann in January 2012 launched Vine.

Vine showcased the world that no loop can last forever. The closer of Vine just came out of the blue as there were still many active users of this app. People were still enjoying Vine’s services. But the main reason behind the closure of Vine was due to its less competitiveness with its rivals, who were always upgrading. In effect, Vine was losing its user base drastically, and future of the looping video platform was heading towards uncertainty. That’s why Twitter said it would shut down Vine’s mobile app shortly. But the existing videos will remain on the web, which was quite a relief for Vine lovers.

Recently app industry has been flooded with live streaming apps. Each new app is trying to kill its senior rival by introducing head spinning features and at the same time keeping the interface easy. But there is a big issue that will be the new player Hype(designed by Vine creators), will be able to conquer the neck gripping contest between live streaming apps such as Facebook Live and Periscope.

About Hype


Hype App’s Interface

The creators of Hype look undeterred and unaffected from the competition which their app has to compete in the market of live streaming apps. I have summarized some features which are giving the app an edge over others and making it the real hype of live streaming videos.

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Simplicity – The key mantra which Hype kept in its mind was simplicity, the app has the simplicity of Periscope with features more than Facebook Live.

Experience which you never experienced – It promises to provide you a unique experience while using this app by adding feature known as Sparkles. It will allow users to let the broadcaster see what they like.

Featured Comments – This feature enables the presenter to share a comment from a viewer during their live broadcast.

Easy Broadcast – You can share your broadcasts on Twitter. Even you can select photos and set them as a slide show for broadcast.

Re-play – Yes you can replay your video when it is finished. You can make it available for your loved ones later.

Customizable Look – It encases some trendy themed backgrounds which you can set as per your wish.

Sharing not only Videos – In Hype you are not confined with videos sharing. You can share pictures, music, GIF and of course videos.

The iOS version of Hype app is available free in Apple’s App Store. Android users will also receive it’s services very soon via Google Play Store.


Hype is a promising app which tends to reach a new level in the live streaming segment. It will become a new pioneer of this section. All live streamers must try this app for sure.

For more information about Hype App, visit this link.

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