Hyperloop reality possible in India

Are you fed up by getting stuck in traffic of Delhi, Mumbai or any other metro city? Do you feel that most of the time is getting wasted by just sitting in your car? Do you too have a question about how future travel may look like? Well, Elon Musk has the answer and it is called [highlight] Hyperloop [/highlight] .

In simple words, Hyperloop is a concept transportation system based on a pressurized capsule being driven through large low pressurized tunnels, on an air cushion.

But is it be viable in a country like India? Let’s see.

Hyperloop is said to be able to attain speeds up to 600mph, i.e you go from Delhi to Mumbai in 1 hour. They have made their works open source and SpaceX Hyperloop competition have speed up the process of solving engineering and technical problems. But we have to keep in mind the socio-economic constraints as well.

Indian Railway is the biggest employer in India, employing around 1.4 million people till 2016. So in no way it can be scraped up and replaced by any new technology completely which requires so less manpower.

People may argue that it may not replace railways but it can act as an alternative way to travel. But what are we looking to replace? People in India rarely travel such great distances by car and return the same day. In a country where not even technologies like metro are not fully implemented in important cities like Mumbai, Pune, isn’t implementing such complicated technology is doubtful?

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Our opinion is that, it can be used to connect major cosmopolitan cities. Elon Musk says, Hyperloop passenger only version will cost around 6 Billion dollars to set up between San Francisco and Los Angeles. But economists argue, according to a professor of agricultural and resources economics, Michael Anderson, he says that it will cost around 100 billion dollars to set up. 100 billion dollars almost equals to 67 thousand crore rupees!

This transportation model is only for 25 people per capsule. This is significantly less for a hugely populated country like India and China.

Looking at the present scenario, the current socio-economic status of India, implementing something like this seems difficult at present but not impossible in future, after looking at India’s recent Mars Orbital Mission’s success, it cannot be denied that we can come up with something amazing for futuristic transportation too. It is a great engineering Idea but its implementation in a country like India is doubtful.

Hyperloop is still under development, by being critical we open up doors for discussion and debate where a new question will arise and we together can find the solution. We all are eager to see how this becomes from concept transportation to a real-world solution.

Hyperloop One, formerly named as Hyperloop Technologies, conducted the first test of its kind.

Below is a video of its propulsion system in under two seconds.

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