Engineers Develop Driver Alert System For Stray Animals

It is not unknown to people that a huge number of stray animals die every year just because the vehicles couldn’t notice them coming suddenly in front of it. It is truly unfortunate. Well, good news is, engineers of our country have found a driver alert system to solve this problem.

Indian engineers have developed a driver alert system which will warn them in a case of any stray animals like dogs, cats, cows, etc. come nearby of their vehicles. You can also call this system as real-time obstacle detection and alert system. The system is still under test and they are still looking for a suitable name.

One primary reason drivers should not over speed is the “tunnel vision.” When you are driving at high speed, your eyesight can focus on only the things that are straight in front of you. The side visions get too much blurred to recognize what’s beside you. Thus, when any animals/human beings/cars or any other obstacles come from the left or right side, we cannot see it unless it comes right ahead of us. So, it results in accidents and deaths. The driver alert system will prevent a lot of such accidental deaths.

How does the driver alert system work?

The driver alert system makes use of a dashboard camera and an algorithm which can determine the proximity of the obstacle. The system will alert the driver whether the object’s movement represents any threat to the vehicle or the object/animal. Apart from that, there is a timely audio visual, which will nudge the driver to apply brakes even if they didn’t see the animals.

Driver Alert System Working

Driver Alert System By Honda

The great news is, the system is not AT LL costly. Researchers Sachin Sharma and Dharmesh Shah of the Electronics and Communication Department of Gujrat proposed this system. It is easy to install the device in automobiles to detect animals or any other obstacles.

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They are testing the device on highways and other roads. According to researchers, the alert system achieved 80% accuracy in detecting animals on roads. But this algorithm is not yet ready to address the problem of night vision. At present, the driver alert system will cost 50K in Indian currency.

Driver Alert System

Driver Alert System Working

You can use it in any automobile. The price will drop once they release it for mass production. With such a great alert system, they are hoping for international demands for this system too. But first, they need to deal with the problem of low light conditions. A better night mode or low light camera might do the job. They will also need low light sensors. Their research was initially published in the Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

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