InfiSecure: Startup For Global SaaS Platform To Block Bots

InfiSecure provides the most customizable real-time bot protection solution to online businesses.

Every online business faces heavy losses, knowingly or unknowingly, to bots. Websites, both big and small, have been trying to fight against bot fraud for many years. The problems of bot frauds have seen a multi-fold increase in recent years, and the traditional techniques to block bots have become incapable of solving the problems.

InfiSecure provides the most customizable real-time bot protection solution to online businesses. InfiSecure is a SaaS product, built on Big Data and Machine Learning algorithms, that provides robust and always active bot detection and prevention. To make it easier for websites to utilize the platform fully, InfiSecure has also launched integration kits that provide a quick 15-minute integration with any website for it to get actively secured.

As per InfiSecure’s analysis, over 50% of traffic on sites is coming from bots. A lot of this traffic is either harmful or unwanted and ends up eating a lot of server capacity. Some websites show bots traffic percentage to be as high as 75%. They end up saving at least 25% of their server cost by eliminating unwanted traffic on their websites. Blocking unwanted bot traffic also helps websites rank higher in search engine rankings, lower bounce rate, and speed up the website for legitimate users.

About Bot Fraud:

Multiple online frauds are primarily done by competitors, spammers, scrapers and hackers. These scams are aimed at increasing server costs, lowering search engine rankings, reducing customer visits and conversions, stealing user data and many other negative impacts for business. InfiSecure gives detailed information about such frauds on its website, under knowledge hub. The purpose of knowledge hub is to educate founders and owners of online businesses about the type of online scams that are caused by bots. Some of the prominent bot frauds include:

Web Scraping: Stealing original content and listings from a website to refurbish the content on other platforms amount to content scraping or web scraping. This is done on a large-scale using automated computer scripts that download original content and upload the same on new platforms. In case you own a content platform and your original content is getting stolen, your website will start ranking lower in search engine results. This will directly impact legitimate traffic on your website as your readers/viewers will move to other platforms serving the same content.

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Click Fraud: In the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, repeated clicks on an advertisement hosted on a website, with or without using bots, is referred to as Click Fraud. Businesses that show ads on Google lose the chunk of money to click fraud. This ends up exhausting ad spend budgets by illegitimate clicks.

Price Scraping: Price scraping refers to real-time theft of pricing data from a website. These prices could be of products, services or both. Automated computer software techniques are used to steal this data in real-time. Price scraping enables a business to look into the real-time prices of products listed on a competitor’s website. Price Scraping affects one’s business by reducing customer visits and conversions. Prospect customers end up buying the products referred to one’s e-commerce store from their competitors’ website. This results in lower revenue and lower brand value for one’s business.

Skewed Analytics: Website analytics systems are designed to help understand traffic patterns and user behavior on a website. Bots generate More than 50% of all traffics on the web. An effective analytics system needs to differentiate between the legitimate human traffic and the bots traffic and give details of both types of traffic separately. Website analytics become skewed when the differentiation is not done and the bots traffic adds to the legitimate traffic in the metrics. The results then show incorrect parameters, based on which, wrong marketing decisions are made.

Message from the CEO:

We started InfiSecure with an aim to combat bot frauds the most accurate way and help online businesses use the real potential of the internet. During our journey, we realized that most of today’s online businesses do not have the right tools to identify losses incurred due to bot attacks, scraping, spamming, fake actions and numerous other frauds.
Of late, we have seen a lot of technology-efficient businesses reaching out to us to secure their websites from bot abuse and online fraud. We are now actively protecting several websites across industries, saving significant costs and helping them scale their businesses.

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