InFocus To Launch Aadhaar-Enabled 4G-VoLTE Smartphone at Rs 12,000

Biometric scanning is an important part of the Digital India nowadays. InFocus, the US-based smartphone company is bringing a new range of smartphones. InFocus is launching a new smartphone that has Aadhaar enabled Iris scanning feature. It will support Aadhaar authentication through Iris scanning. Therefore, you won’t need a separate biometric scan device. According to InFocus, the phone is already an STQC awarded. STQC is Standardization Testing and Quality Certification (STQC) authority of India. So the device got permission from STQC. The smartphone will be ready by early next year. The company is also planning to launch more devices supporting Aadhaar authentication. The STQC authenticates use of Iris scanning facility for devices to link Aadhaar cards.

Here is what InFocus country head Sachin Thapar says

InFocus India country head Sachin Thapar stated it used superior iris image quality assessment. This smartphone is the most reliable and accurate biometric device. The phone emerged out with zero error. It has got the K7 generation algorithm. It helps in clicking error-free images. The new algorithm completes the process of clicking the image and scanning the iris in 2 seconds. It is a great alternative for the biometric scanning devices. The K7 algorithm also maximizes real and positive identities. The IriTech Company is offering the K7 algorithm. And apart from UIDAI, the company also works for the US, Kenya, and Columbia. It can capture images and complete the scan in different environments. Even in direct water and sunlight, the image is not blurred, and stability is perfect.

Security of InFocus Iris scanning smartphone

The biometric data from InFocus is encrypted with a UIDAI key at the chip level. It becomes completely impossible for any individual to check information of other people. Only the Aadhaar server can see the information. This encryption will prevent leakage and fraudulent activities a lot. The first smartphone with biometric scanning technology is InFocus M425. The new one will be a variant of InFocus Bingo M425. The InFocus Bingo M425 biometric scanning launched in March at Rs 5749.

UIDAI is gearing up to cater to the demands of Aadhaar based authentication services. And this is an integrated iris mobile solution. We are well experienced and poised to deliver our consortiums irrefutable. Our proven iris technology is a world-class brand to this eco-system.

This is what Prabhu Sridharan, managing director, Biometric Group says.

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Till now, Samsung is the only device

Samsung is the only maker that offers Delta ID’s current IRIS technology in Galaxy Tab Iris. The UIDAI is already discussing with different handset makers and OS providers. They want to migrate the iris scanning and biometric authentication facility in their smartphones. It will help people in getting to know different government schemes, subsidies, and services. The former Chairman of UIDAI said:

InFocus Aadhaar-enabled iris smartphone is a great example of innovation. The phone is timely. It can be used for applications like opening instant bank accounts with e-KYC. It can also work as a cashless micro ATM for merchant payments. The process will also speed up JAM (Jan Dhan-Aadhaar-Mobile) implementation.

The present InFocus device with biometric scanning

At the moment, the dual SIM InFocus Bingo M425 is already present in the market. It is a 4G VoLTE enabled smartphone that comes with Android Lollipop 5.1. It has a 1.5 GHz quad core processor. The phone features 1GB RAM and 8GB of internal storage. The storage is expandable to 64GB with a microSD card. It has got a display of 4.5 inches. The battery capacity is 2300 Mah. This device, at present, is a solution to Biometric identification. You can use the phone in banks, e-PDS (public distribution system) and e-governance services.

The MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Scheme) also supports this device. The e-government services include passport, health care, taxation, and education. The phone has already eliminated any necessity for a separate device for biometric identification. The next variant with iris scanning technology will eradicate the biometric scanning phones too. Even though the InFocus is an American brand, Foxconn develops the smartphones. There will be no language or literacy barrier during authentication.

IriTech has a strong presence in India. It is a leading iris vendor for Indian Government National ID project. Foxconn’s manufacturing process will help our consortium. It will also provide cost-effective yet robust iris-based authentication solutions. This is for emerging Indian market. And also for India’s smartphone using general public.

The above statement is from Daniel Daehoon Kim, the CEO of IriTech.

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