Infrared-Based Wi-Fi Will Make The Internet Speed 100 Times Faster

Scientists discovered a new wireless based technology, and it will make internet speed 100 times faster than it is now. The technology is based on harmless infrared rays. The infrared-based Wi-Fi can support a lot of devices without getting congested. Well, you just cannot deny, slow wifi is one of the main causes of irritation among people today.

Wherever we get any free wifi or wifi hotspot, we are up for it. The wifi devices at home consume more data and battery. Also, if you use a lot of devices, it will get congested. So what exactly is this infrared based Wi-Fi and how is it so fast?

The researchers at the Eindhoven University of Technology in Netherlands discovered this technology. It has the capacity of more than 40GB per second. The speed of wifi in NASA is around 90GB per second. Some are calling the new infrared-based Wi-Fi as the second fastest wifi in the world.

We are not too sure about that. Anyways, the system is simple to set up, and the wireless data comes from the few “central light antennas.” The antennas are mounted on the ceiling which directs the light supplied by an optical fiber.

How does the infrared-based Wi-Fi technology work?

The antennas come with a pair of gratings. Those gratings radiate the ray of light on different wavelengths and different angles. They use a safe infrared wavelength, so it does not reach the retina in your eyes. Thus, it is entirely safe. If you are using a smartphone/tablet and you move out of range of an antenna, then another light antenna will take over. The network can track the exact location of every wireless device.

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It is simple to add a device. Every device is assigned to separate light wavelengths in this infrared based Wi-Fi system. One light antenna can produce different wavelengths of light. So you can connect different devices to a single antenna. Thus, the wifi strength is not reduced. Also, there is no interference from any nearby wifi networks or wifi hotspots.

The present Wi-Fi devices use a frequency of 2.5 GHz or 5 GHz. The new infrared-based Wi-Fi uses infrared light wavelengths of 1500 nanometer higher. The infrared light frequency is thousand times greater than 200 Terahertz. Thus, the data capacity of light rays is much larger.

In a distance of 2.5 meters, the speed is 42.8GB per second. And the best wifi system, for common people at present, offers a speed of 300MB per second. Till now, the system is only used for download, but the uploads are still done with radio signals.

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