Instagram Launches Disappearing Live Video Streaming

So finally, here it is! Instagram launches its own form of the live video message. But this comes with a bit of twist. Instagram launched the disappearing live video message sending facility. Yes, you heard that right. It is a ‘disappearing live video’ message sending feature. And this is different from any other social media platforms like Facebook or Periscope. The video disappears forever once the live stream ends. The feature launched today. It will become globally available in this week. You can share a live video for an hour with this feature. This feature will also let you notify your friends. And they can turn on/off the notifications or the comments for that video.

More comfortable sharing with the disappearing live video

Live streaming is not a new feature. You can connect with your friends and followers with a live stream. But you feel more comfortable when you know that the video will disappear after your live stream ends. To “go live”, the users can just swipe from their feed for opening the camera. Now tap on the “start live video” button. You can also see who else is live streaming at any time. Just go to the “Explore” section and tap on “Top Live” button.

What are the Add-ons you are going to get?

  • Not only the live videos, there is a feature of disappearing photo. You can direct message to your friends and groups. Users can now share as they feel. Last year, Instagram updated the direct message feature. And till date, the number of people using it, increased from 80 million to 300 million.
  • You can choose to create a group or you can send individual friends at a time. You can send anything you want. After your friends have seen them, the photos will disappear. Awesome, isn’t it? What’s the best is, you will know, even if they took a screenshot or replayed it. What more can you want? This feature is available for both the Android and iOS devices.
  • You may not like to share a doodle or text covered Instagram stories to everyone. You can just share it with your friends with an ephemeral direct message to only your friends. They can only watch it twice before it disappears.

Difference between other social media apps and Instagram live

With the other apps like Periscope, you will get 24 hours validation for a live video. And both Facebook and Periscope has permanent replays. Instagram live videos disappear the moment you stop live streaming. This will let you broadcast more often instead of only broadcasting only the big events. And it will also urge people to watch the video immediately. Last month, Instagram has been spotted testing live in Russia.

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Instagram will select some of your close friends who showed interest in Live Video. They will get a notification to come watch. It will also show a live tag on Instagram stories bubble. This will appear at the top of the feeds of followers you have. This does not alert everyone who follows you. So it prevents the notification overload. And for this ‘notification overload’ reason, Periscope got flagged earlier.

What can the viewers do?

The viewers can comment. Tap several times for adding the hearts. But this time, the hearts will come with their face on the hearts. The broadcasters can also add comments. They can also pin one of their own or the viewer at the top of the reel. You will have a more peaceful FaceTime experience. The streamers can hide all the comments and comment buttons. You can also block or report any individual who harasses them.

None of your followers might be live at that moment. But the ‘explore’ section will highlight best streams happening now. This depends on view count, geography, and language. You can just swipe through the curated channel to get the easiest access to live streams around you.

Instagram direct Ephemeral

The messages in Instagram Direct Ephemeral are permanent. You will see a direct Ephemeral Stories messages bar at the top. And there is a list of permanent threads below. If you want to share a photo or a video, you can share in groups or share to everyone. So, you can now add snap chat stories as private messages.

A lot of friends can take part in one of these groups “camera conversations”. The thread will be a sort of collaborative story slideshow. You can just tap it. It will be like the “cooperative video app riff” that Facebook tried to create.

The dual direct inbox is a bit complicated. But both ephemeral and permanent messages make sense. The company is thinking about a new feature. You might live stream in private to only a group of friends. But the company needs to be careful about so many features. It might become confusing. The best thing is you have complete control over your audience. No one can check out your content without alerting you. This is something no one offers till now.

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