Instagram’s Explore Now Shows The Videos You Like !

Instagram, the picture sharing app of Facebook is updating the ‘Explore’ section for adding video channels which would appear in the feed as per the preferences of the users.

The feature would be having a personalized channel which is termed as ‘videos you might like’. With this, videos can be collected from the global community of Instagram and would be including ‘Featured’ column which highlights videos on variety of topics.

As of now, the availability of the upgrade would be seen in the U.S, stated Instagram. The availability of Instagram v7.20 is seen on Google Play or App store of Apple.

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In the blog post of the company, the team stated that as people are sharing more videos, discovering the ones you love would become easy. Personalized channel would be found for enabling a seamless viewing experience. While scrolling through this Explore grid, ‘featured’ channels would also be seen that have videos on various topics.

Even though these changes are made, Explore is working in the same way. It would connect to the post about the interest from people not following.  It adjusts as per your preferences and makes you enjoy all the stuff.

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