Apple iOS 10.3 Beta Has 4 New Updates That May Come Soon

We heard a lot of rumors about iOS updates. Finally, Apple has given us a glimpse into what’s in store for us, and it seems like the much-hyped Theater Mode is absent in this Beta version. But nonetheless, there are a lot of new features that the iOS 10.3 Beta has.

So what are these new features that are present in the Beta version? Let us find out!

1. AirPod Location Tracker

Lost your AirPods? Sign-in to the ‘Find my iPhone’ app and check out the location where you had the AirPods at last. You can also ping your AirPods to locate them. Before doing that it is best to make sure they’re not in your ears, though.

2. iCloud Storage Feedback

Want to know how you are using your iCloud Storage? Tap the graph located at the top to see which ones are using the largest space. You will also get a program-specific breakdown of storage per GB.

To improve your device’s performance, you can use the “suggestions” displayed on the main settings page below your profile section. But you’ll only get this suggestion if you haven’t already activated your two-factor authentication, which you should.

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3. iOS 10.3 Beta: Weather Updates

Know how your friends and family are using the weather bug. You’ll find it at the bottom right corner of the screen. If you are a fan of Apple Maps, then this will be an excellent new addition for you. If not, keep reading.

4. Apple Account Information

At the top of the settings menu, you will find a new ‘profile’ option that contains all your account information. You can just click on it to access your iTunes, iCloud, Family Sharing and App Store information. No longer do you have to dig through all the features individually. You still have to log in through the ‘Find my iPhone’ app to access all those apps, though.

Even though these features have made an appearance in the beta version, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be finalized. You never know the final version may include the theater mode. Till then keep an eye on this space for more updates!

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