iOS 11 Rumored Feature Upgrades: FaceTime To Allow Multi-User Video Chat?

So there’s a rumor going on that iOS 11 might feature group FaceTime calling. “The Verifier” is a blog from Israel which claims that Apple will finally roll out this feature in 2017. With the decreasing time gap for the final release, a lot of things are now being written which should now be considered seriously.

The closer we get to the release the more chances there are that the real features are released. Hence from now on, sit up and read on because we are about to bring you some juicy announcements about the expected iOS 11 features. Here are the top 11 rumored updates:

1. Siri to sound more human-like

According to BusinessInsiders, Apple engineers are already working to make Siri sound more “human-like.” Siri may come with social media voice command support. So you can just sit and say “Siri, upload these photos on Instagram.”

2. Improvement in voicemail transcription

Voicemail transcriptions were a little bit confusing, but still, it did the job. Last year Apple released the beta version with iOS 10. This time this feature will most likely get an upgrade and with added accuracy for sure.

3. Customized control center in iOS 11

The control center customization feature was not released in 2016, even though there was a buzz that it would. Apple must have carefully tucked that feature away for 2017. Let’s wait till September to watch it.

4. Indoor navigation technology to improve maps

Rumor suggests iOS 11 is integrating navigation indoors (it acquired and WiFiSLAM recently). It will be just like Google Street View. Apple is also getting ready to fly drones across the city to check if there is any change in an area, to update it within the app.

5. iMessage Feature for Android

Almost all messaging apps like Hangouts, BBM, etc. can work on both iOS and Android. Hence iOS 11 might up its game and allow its users to message across Android devices. Hence, iMessage might soon roll out on Google PlayStore.

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6. Group FaceTime Calling Feature

One of the much-awaited upgrades – which we were telling you about earlier. The Verifier said that they were aware of this news because the iOS development partially took place in Israel. We are yet to see if iOS 11 indeed allows us to add five people to video chat.

7. Multiple-User Mode

Apple has launched “Manage Apple IDs” for educational institutions on their iPads. A similar feature called “guest mode” is available on MacOS. Similar features are expected for iOS 11 users. However, you might just be able to make a phone call or browse the web on the iPhone.

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8. Night or Dark mode

Apple accidentally let the dark mode show for iOS Simulator back in June. Is that a hint towards dark mode for iOS 11? Experts believe yes because it has already started integrating this feature into many apps.

9. Composed Contacts

So now you can go to contacts and view the social media interaction, call history, message record and everything you had with them, under their name. Apple might also place something like a “green dot” beside the contacts to see their social media or general availability.

10. Handoff feature for media

Continuity feature allows you to use apps like calendars, auto unlock, cellular calls, etc. But it does not allow this feature for the media or podcasts yet. Rumor suggests you will very soon meet with this feature in September 2017.

11. Better video sharing with a new app

Now the video sharing feature may have social networking features. If it does, it will be like Instagram and Snapchat. iMovie and Final Cut Pro team are said to take part in the development of the app. Bloomberg pointed out that Apple hired Joe Weil in December 2015 (who’s known for his video blogging app called KnowMe).

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