iPhone 8 Features – What Are Reliable Sources Saying?

There are always a lot of rumors going on about iPhone release. Some of these “leaked news” might not be correct. This is why today we will tell you about experts’ rational insight about what we can and what we may not get in iPhone 8. Since the launch of iPhone 8 will also mark the 10th Anniversary of Apple, it is quite likely that the device will come with a bang.

So amidst all the speculation about the new iPhone release date and features, let us find out what the experts are saying.

Storage likely to increase in iPhone 8

This is a no-brainer. With the onset of HD image capture and the sizes of the apps increasing, it is likely that you will need more storage on your handset. With that you will also need a higher capacity RAM. We already witness Apple increasing the storage capacity since iPhone 6s. Even iPhone 7 came with a 256 GB storage option.

According to TrendForce, a Taiwan-based marketing intelligence company, Apple will up the storage game with iPhone 8. The new flagship will have 64 GB and 256 GB storage options. However it is unlikely that Apple releases only two variants and usually, there is a price difference of $100 among all its variants.

If you are to look at the iPhone 6s release, you will notice that initially, everyone was raving about the lowest variant because it was way above others regarding specs. But soon one realized that the lowest cost variant is the least desirable when you’re buying an iPhone.

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Major upgrade in design and display

According to TrendForce’s supply chain, iPhone 8 will have a 5.8inch Super AMOLED display. But contrary to earlier predictions, the curve feature is dropped due to bottlenecks in the production yield and drop-test results. It also predicted that the physical button on the front would be integrated into the display – for the higher end iPhone 8 only.

There will be two other variants which will have 4.7inch and 5.5inch IPS LCD. Just like iPhone 7 Plus, the 5.8inch and the 5.5inch variant will have 3GB RAM while the 4.7inch variant will have 2GB RAM. The maximum memory will be 258GB in the highest-end iPhone 8.

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3D sensing won’t “replace” fingerprint sensor – says TrendForce

Earlier there was a rumor that suggested that iPhone 8 will feature 3D sensing technology which will bring some augmented reality feature in face detection and camera app. But then some speculations started running that there will be a 3D laser technology that will replace the fingerprint sensor. TrendForce says that that’s not happening at least in a lowest variant of iPhone 8.

Denying rumors that Apple will remove the Touch ID Fingerprint sensor, the company suggests that 3D sensing technology will get added to the highest variant of iPhone 8. It will not replace the fingerprint sensor technology. Rather, it will be an addition to the technology that persists in iPhone 7 Plus.

Is TrendForce a reliable source?

MacRumors points out that TrendForce accurately predicted that iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 would release in three storage variants (mainly 32GB, 128GB and 256 GB) last year. It seems like TrendForce may have credible supply chain sources after all.

Hence going by that trend we can also watch out for Apple’s sale volume this year. TrendForce predicted that Apple is aiming for 230 million units of iPhones this year. At least 100 million of them will be iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone next generation. So we can expect that 40% of that production will be dedicated to Apple’s AMOLED and 3D sensing model.

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What about the prices?

As already mentioned, there is always a price gap of $100 between the variants in iPhones. This trend has been seen since iPhone 6s release. Last year the price for 256GB variant iPhone 7 Plus was $969, so this year the prices for the highest-end iPhone 8 might touch $1000 or go beyond.

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