iPhone 8 Will Have Glass Design And Stainless Steel Frame: Report

Well, the speculations regarding the details and specs of iPhone 8 are unending. This year, Apple is going to launch the iPhone 8. The recent rumors suggest that the company is releasing the iPhone 8 with stainless steel frame and glass back.

Now this is something like the current flagships introduced by the Samsung devices. iPhone 8 will also have the metal frame within the frontal and rear glass portions. The design is also called a “glass sandwich” design. The metal unibody construction will not be there anymore. Multiple sources confirmed the use of stainless steel. It will be the same material utilized for the iPhone 4 chassis.

iPhone 8 finally with stainless steel?

Apple will bring back the two companies called Jabil and Foxconn. Apple is going to make a significant shift by introducing the new materials and design. It will depend on the stainless steel forging process for the Chassis. The orders will be shared among these two companies, and the forging will cost 30-50% lower in comparison to the present one. At the moment the phones are made with Aluminum unibody with CNC machining.

How will it help Apple?

With the stainless steel in the process, quality control mechanisms will become easy for Apple. They can use the saved money for integrating the devices with a curved AMOLED display. Apple can also lower the time for manufacturing the phones in this process. It will enhance the durability of the device. Well, not that the design specifications of iPhone 8 is out for the last few months, nothing can be confirmed until the company announces it.

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The company moved to an all metal design after the different third party slip on case users complained about the cracks and the device not fitting well because of the glass back. Thus, from iPhone 5 to iPhone 7+, the company followed the metal body design.


Rumors also suggest that Apple will drop the LCD displays and instead move on to the AMOLED displays. The company might also bypass the primary manufacturer Foxconn to get the stainless steel iPhone chassis from fellow supplier Jabil. The main change is to switch from the “billet milling” to the “metal forging.” Milling cuts the frame from a piece of Aluminum while forging squeezes the metal alloy within the mould with extreme pressure.

The latter method is much stronger. It will allow Apple to create a thinner core without losing any structural integrity. The design and style is a hit, but how much space it keeps for the battery is questionable.

Apple iPhone 8 Concept

Apple iPhone 8 Concept

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