Apple iPhone 8 Latest Leak Suggest New Battery Strategy

We know that Apple shifted to the forged steel body and it will offer the flagship device with some advantages. The process of forging itself brings up a few advantages. Apple can now use the new technologies that are not yet available for the iPhone’s may be starting from iPhone 8.

The all-glass construction needs iPhone 8 to have a toughened glass from the front and rear panels. It will be sandwiched with a central chassis of forged steel. It will not only offer a stylish look but also offer the iPhone 8 with wireless charging facility. Yes, wireless charging is done in different ways, and Apple is already having wireless charging.

How wireless charging works?

The fundamental principle of wireless charging is current is passed through a coil of wires that are present in the charging base. Through electromagnetic induction, there will be charge in any coil of wire that is close to the charging base.

You can use that current to charge your device. With metal back plates, electromagnetic induction is easy and thus wireless charging is also easy. But the glass backplates do not have an electromagnetic induction. Well, Apple will bring wireless charging to their devices, it is for sure. How they are going to bring it, that is the question, especially with the glass back.

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Apple already uses the wireless charging facility for powering Apple watch and also Samsung does it.
There are practically three different ways of Charging and they are:

• Inductive technology, for the short range, like the Qi specification which is used in the Samsung devices.

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• The charging bowls: It uses the surface charges and is limited to a few centimeters in range. It comes with AirFuel Resonant specification that is available in new Dell/WiTricity system. Dell announced the new Latitude 7285 with this technology at CES 2017.

• The uncoupled: This is identical to the Wi-Fi technology. It offers low power levels at long range like the Energous RF system. At CES 2017, we already saw the use of this technology for some low powered devices like the Bluetooth based key trackers, medical scanning devices and also a hearing aid.

Can we expect the iPhone 8 to support power like Wi-Fi?

The research manager David Green of wireless power and smart utilities said:
[quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]There’s two ends of a scale instead, charging at the same speed as a wire but on a charging pad, or perhaps trickle charging very slowly but at a larger distance away, and charging across a room is at least a year away from commercial high-volume reality. Regarding Apple’s plans, second guessing their exact product specification is a fool’s game, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re looking at more than one method of wireless charging as part of the overall experience.[/quotes]

Wireless charging is a real answer to the low battery life. Another option is utilizing the “Quick charge” facility so that the battery can get a good charge in short time than expected. Apple is also working on fast charge as well. But most of the people would prefer wireless charging over fast charging. Let’s see whether we might get both or not.

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