The iPhone 8 OLED Display Will Cause Problems For Other Manufacturers

Yes, we know the heading sounds a bit weird. The reason why iPhone 8 OLED display might cause a problem for other manufacturers is, there is a limited supply of OLED displays in the market. According to news reports, Apple already captured 14% of the total OLED supply. The amount is enough to create problems for other mobile makers.

Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t face any issue

Samsung is safe here. Because Samsung has its in-house production of OLED panels. The best part is Samsung is also Apple’s supplier of OLED display panels. So, we can say Samsung Galaxy S8 is safe. More than 70% of the global output of the OLED panels in 2017-2018 is consumed by Samsung Electronics. And as we said, Apple captured 14% of the OLED panels. Thus, it leaves the other mobile manufacturers with very less OLED panels to use. That is how iPhone 8 OLED display will become a problem for other mobile makers.

Oppo and Vivo locked down OLED displays because of their pre-existing orders. So for the year 2017-2018, you can say Oppo and Vivo are secured too. But it is a pretty bad news for other manufacturers because Micromax, Microsoft/Nokia, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, Gionee or any other brands will find it hard to get OLED displays for customers.

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Consumers are not interested in buying phones with TFT capacitive screens. There are two reasons for it. First, it consumes more battery than OLED displays and second is, they TFT displays are hard on the eyes. So, this year, if you are looking to get smartphones with an OLED display, you have to select between Apple, Samsung, Oppo or Vivo.

One more reason OLED display is necessary because the smartphone designs are becoming bezel-less. With the LG G6, we already saw bezel-less approach. The Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 OLED display are also expected to come without a bezel.

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