Jarvis Overview – Home Assistant Mark Zuckerberg Built For His Family

We bet most all of you are familiar with Tony Stark’s Jarvis! Hell Yeah, we are! How can we forget the legendary Tony Stark, the Avengers, and his AI? But that being said, no one thought that this could come true. But it has! Mark Zuckerberg has created an artificial intelligence that is entirely similar to Jarvis of Tony Stark. And he kept the name similar as well. One of the most famous actors of Hollywood, Morgan Freeman, has decided to give his own voice to AI system. In this article today, we are going to offer you the complete overview about AI Jarvis. Have a look!

Overview of Jarvis

The artificial intelligence created by Zuckerberg can completely control his home. It can change the lights, the temperature, appliances, security and even the music. Zuckerberg coded it to learn his tastes; patterns acquire new concepts and words, and it can even entertain his daughter Max. It makes use of several AI techniques. Jarvis has natural language processing system, the speech recognition, a face recognition and also reinforcement learning. The programming languages used comprise of Python, Objective-C, and PHP.

Zuckerberg’s work

According to TechCrunch, Zuckerberg worked on the system for a year. And finally, it ended this year. He started by developing a messenger bot for communicating with Jarvis. He can now text Jarvis, and that will be translated into audio clips as commands. In any time of the day or night, if someone arrives at his house, the system also texts him an image so that Zuckerberg knows who is here. The most difficult part of work, according to Zuckerberg was on the facial recognition. He used the Facebook’s facial recognition from the photos to help in improving the system. It runs facial recognition to identify the person. And then it confirms if Zuckerberg is looking to meet the person.

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Morgan Freeman – The voice of Jarvis

The voice of Mark Zuckerberg’s Jarvis is of Morgan Freeman. The iconic voice of Freeman was selected on popular demand. Zuckerberg came up with a public opinion poll, and his Facebook post came up with more than 50000 where people voted for Freeman. According to Zuckerberg, he just called Freeman and said,

Hey, I posted this thing, and thousands of people want you to be the voice. Will you do it?

Freeman said yes immediately. But it is not disclosed yet whether Freeman is getting paid or how much.

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Zuckerberg’s wife explains

Mark Zuckerberg’s wife, Dr. Chan says, the AI Jarvis is still working on only Zuckerberg’s voice commands. And Zuckerberg is going to fix it. She also speaks about the time when Zuckerberg tested different sounds for system. And he even tried for the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger. But the voice was rather aggressive like the terminator. In a recent video, we see Zuckerberg and his daughter, spending some time with the new AI Jarvis. It is helping his daughter Max with his outfit, preparing the breakfast and playing with the family.

Final statement

As said by Mark Zuckerberg, when he first explained what he hoped to do with this AI, Mark not only wanted a smart home device, but he wanted a friend recognition and auto entry for the security systems. He wanted alerts for his young daughter. And all the features that the system can do for his home, this AI comes in handy.

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