Judy Malware Infected Around 36.5 Million Android Phones

Judy is an Android malware. It affected more than 36.5 million Android users throughout the globe. The primary reason why this Android malware could have an impact on such a huge number of people because it surpassed Google’s security feature known as the “Bouncer.”

The Judy malware affected more than 41 applications. Google upgraded its security protocols. This is the reason Google Play Store removed most of the applications. But it failed to remove one of the apps from the Play Store. Before Google security net could discover the malware affected app, it spread to a lot of users.

How does Judy malware affect Android smartphones?

The incident was first reported by a security firm called Checkpoint. The malware affected most of the users in the form of simple fashion and cooking games. No one was able to detect the malware. The infected payload was downloaded from an external non-Google server. It was downloaded after you install the app. After you install the app and the external software, the infected phone would start working. It clicked on certain ads automatically. This would increase the revenue of the attacker.

Hard reset or complete formatting is the only way

According to the Checkpoint blog, the Judy malware is an auto clicking adware. It was found on 41 applications developed by a Korean company. The malware used different infected devices for generating a huge number of clicks on ads which in turn made a lot of revenues.

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There are loopholes in Google’s operating system. Thus, the users need to be very careful while downloading applications. The security firm also launched a list of applications which was affected by the malware. If your device is affected by the Judy malware, don’t worry. You have to back up your device data. Then you can format the device.

Finally some good news

According to the security firm, they were not able to make a proper estimation of the spread of the malware. It affected a lot of applications. They still think some of the apps are left out. Google Play Store took down most of the applications published by the Korean developer Enistudio.

But the malware was also found in few other apps published by different developers. One good news is, though the app was successful in affecting more than 36.5 million devices, still, there is no news of compromised data in those devices.

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