How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online?

Keeping kids safe on the Internet is one of the biggest challenges that grow in complexity every day. According to Norton by Symantec “Statistics vary, but at least 20 percent of kids will receive harassing, hateful or insulting message.” Recently, research from Harvard University based Berkman Center downgraded online predators to a much lower risk category, but we still have many online threats to educate our kids.

There are many cyber crimes or threats caused by financially motivated strangers. Some of the most popular forms of cyber crimes are the computer virus, Trojan horse, phishing attacks, or spam emails. As a result, the growth of cyber crime is increasing rapidly every year, and almost all the primary targets are kids of today’s world.

TNI gives you top tips that will help you to keep your children safe on the web in these coming holidays.

1) Set your broadband parental controls. Many Internet service providers offer free setting controls, which allow you to select what your child, can have access to online. If your child has a smartphone, check the mobile network parental controls settings. All leading network operators offer this free service. Furthermore, you can also download Parental control apps.

2) Turn Search safely on. Google provides Safe Search option that helps you to filter out adult contents from search results.

3) Learn to avoid clicking links, responding to ads and opening spam emails when they come from some stranger or appear suspicious. Every day we receive a lot of spam whether in the form of emails or ads. Please try to avoid those types of strange emails or ads.

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4) Talk to your kids about Cyber Crime like Cyberbullying. Make them feel free to speak to you when they make any mistakes on Internet. Keep your heart open to them.  You need to make sure that your child knows that whenever in need, whether they are upset or in fear, they can come to you without any fear and you won’t judge them. Therefore some sites help you stop Cyberbullying like

5) Check your store app settings. Make sure that your child can only get apps that are appropriate to his/her age and that they can’t make in-app purchases.

6) If your child is on social networks, keep a check on the privacy settings and therefore ensure that they are only sharing and chatting with people they know or have a connection. Also, advise them never to share passwords with any close friend.

7) Keep your home network secured with a good password and security settings. Every time use a secured network while accessing any personal details.

8) Talk to your kids regularly about how to use technology. Set some rules and regulations and keep technology out in the open.

9) Always bear in mind that you play a major part as a role model for your children. So always try to look after your own children. Allow your child to sit with you while you browse the Internet. So they do the same when they get wired in.

TNI wants all the kids to be safe and learn more on the Internet. Have happy holidays ahead of them.

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