KitabiTukda: Serving books in bits and pieces

“College books are expensive.” This is a phrase that every college student has used at least once in their lifetime. Now, one would certainly think that since you’re studying, you ought to need textbooks. Hence, you need to shell out a few rupees to educate yourself. However, down the line, you would realize that most of the books that students buy are never read or used in its entirety. The Rs 600 that you used to purchase a book, out of which only one chapter was relevant to what you were studying, could have been used for something so much better. Like eating out at your favorite restaurant or buying the latest version of Assassins Creed.

KitabiTukda – The Idea

KitabiTukda was the brainchild of two 2nd year college students who realized that students spend way too much for their textbooks when they don’t even intend to use it wholly. Thus, our startup gives students like ourselves, an alternative wherein they can buy and access e-book versions of the chapters they require, instead of buying the whole book.


Kitabitukda was founded by Yash Roongta and Shubham Badjatya in August 2015, in Mumbai. At present, the Kitabitukda team consists of 5 college going teenagers among whom there are two smart co-founding entrepreneurs, one socially active founding partner, a creative content writer and a shy-but-dedicated digital designer.

KitabiTukda Team

KitabiTukda Team

The startup has been a cocktail of both small and lame but gleeful moments, tech glitches, management issues, and also good networking and inclined self-esteem. The concept of KitabiTukda also won “The Pitch” in BizTatva 2015 organized by St. Xavier’s Kolkata and we are positive that there is more to come.

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Our service works on the “ease” factor on which the whole foundation of consumer behavior is laid. Our model of service provision is unique to the market, so we look forward to being competitive since the beginning.

The target market will consist of school and college students and other grads/post-grads as well.

At present, we have close to 2500 beta registrations. However, our primary goal is to have a large consumer base so that we can further innovate and bring out more for the students.

KitabiTukda intends to be a money saver for all those students who lose their budgetary battles to win the war of affordability.

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