Leaf-like Surface Coating On Solar Panel Can Deliver 17% Extra Output

Well, a lot of times Nature can be the best technology we have at hand. And the best idea is to harness the natural energy. Solar panels are one of the most important steps to harness natural solar energy. And this time, scientists took one step further. Researchers at Oulu University created leaf-like nano surface. These nano-coatings can boost the power of solar panel. They discovered a way to build a coat or a layer that is identical to a solar panel. It can mimic the surface of the leaves of plants. The nano surfaces to prevent the loss of energy like the leaves mechanism works. It does not allow the solar energy to reflect. It is one of the most exciting discoveries for the tech companies. And it will give real competition, especially to Tesla.

How does the nano surface solar panel work?

The nano surface does not allow solar panels to receive more light than its limitation. But it prevents the energy to get reflected back. Before, the solar panels reflected a lot of light/solar energy. And thus the available power was less. But with these nano surfaces on solar panels, it prevents the light energy to bounce off. It has led to an increase of 17% more usable energy than before. The nano surface layers have proved to be important. Researchers have made the size of this nano surface layer easy to carry. The thickness is only a millionth of a millimeter. The researchers can apply it to a lot of materials. These include glass and silicon. And you won’t need to alter the outer appearance.

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Tesla has got a new competitor

Tesla unveiled a glass roof solar panel this year. During Q&A round, Elon Musk noted the Oulu University researchers created the same tech. Tesla was pursuing this for quite some time. So you just cannot deny, Tesla gets a new competitor in the market. The tech captures more light that is lost due to reflection. And this increases the solar panel functioning efficiency. You can conserve much more energy with the use of this nano surface over solar panels. The Oulu researchers are looking forward to updating the nanotech further. It will increase the efficiency of the solar panel to an unimaginable extent. They are mimicking the technology of light gathering surfaces. Just like the leaves collect the solar energy to perform their functions. If the technology can be updated, it will exceed the results of evolution. Different applicable models are combined for this process.

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Tesla is once again working on something new

Tesla right now is working in partnership with their glass solar roof company 3M. They are working on the future coatings for the glass solar panel. So there can be something new shortly from Tesla to improve the efficiency of glass solar panels. And that will reach to many organizations. Oulu University researchers should commercialize this nano surface technology. It will push the solar market forward. The way it increased efficiency to solar panels, it is a significant discovery at the moment.

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