Leica M10 Is A Blend Of Digital Camera And Analog Style

Leica has unveiled its M10 – a first in the fully new rangefinder series camera. At first, you would think that it is a film camera. It looks and feels like those old cameras that used to exist. But it is far from it. The Leica M10 camera is the made in an analog model and evokes nostalgia.

On top of that Leica claims that it is the slimmest digital camera it has ever produced in the M-series. The first digital camera of this range launched some ten years ago. It was called Leica M-8. A lot has come forth with the new M10.

Leica M10 Capture

There is a 30% large field of view now. Also, you get an enhanced magnification ratio which extends from 0.68x to 0.73x. There was a 50% enhancement in the optimal range of vision from the object to the photographer’s eye. This change makes it easier for the glass wearers to click pictures now.

This change was for those camera lovers who wear glasses. If you thought this was all, you should see the controls. This camera is photographer’s fantasy for the amount of “control” it gives.

Camera Controls

It is the first time you get to control all the essential parameters (aperture, focusing, ISO, shutter speed, etc.) on digital M cameras. You can do all these physically now – no need to turn the camera on to change the settings. This feature could be a big plus for the photographers who avoided digital cameras till now for the absence of the same feature.

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On the rear side of the camera you now three buttons to play and live video mode. You also get the menu there. There are joystick controls there as well.

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Leica M10: Picture quality

The camera comes with 24MP full frame CMOS sensor, promising you a quality shot. There is enhanced sharpness, contrast edition and resolution in this phone. Leica has especially stressed on the “unique microlens and pixel aperture.” It allows great shots at all apertures – especially with pictures taken with wide apertures.

There’s no low pass filter here along with that Leica has availed a new chip that can shoot ISOs in a great range (from 100 to 50,000). This feature improves its range much better than its predecessor and gives its dynamic range an edge over others.

Also, the new camera lets you shoot at 5fps. So you can take 100 JPEG pictures at full resolution.


The battery is a big factor when it comes to taking the pictures. However, it also makes the camera thick. Leica M10’s battery is smaller than its predecessor M240. This gap allows the frame to be thinner. Therefore, Leica’s M10 is the thinnest digital M camera in the world. Leica has assured that the battery is still potent enough to last for a few hundred fps.

Final verdict

There are many good additions in the camera. For example, the camera is compatible for all M-lenses obviously, but you can also use R-lenses with an adapter. All said and done, $6495 may come off as a high price for many, but it’s still a pretty good retro-looking camera in the market.

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