LG Developing Foldable Display Panels

Well, we know that Samsung is focusing on the foldable display of smartphones; there is more competition in the market. Earlier it was Apple that was working on the foldable display. Now LG is also in there. LG joined hands with Apple, Microsoft, and Google for the foldable display in smartphones. LG is developing the foldable OLED panels itself. And this is why some bigger manufacturers like Apple, Google and Microsoft will also join hands with it. It looks like the smartphone market is gradually getting divided into teams. According to the reports of South Korea, the LG foldable display subsidiary partnered with Apple, Microsoft and Google for the foldable displays. And also LG’s smartphone division is also on board.

LG foldable display

Now, this is not the first time LG is planning to take up a new endeavor, especially not in the foldable display section. It has been years since the company revealed its prototype units for the LG foldable display devices. But due to some unknown circumstances, the mass production of the LG foldable display devices was not continued. But now, with the big guns in the market, it can be said that LG has a strong grounds for the mass production of the foldable devices.

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Samsung or LG- Who will win?

But according to analysts, Samsung will still have the upper hand when it is about mass production and experience. Because you just cannot deny; Samsung has got a better brand name and better sales regarding the smartphones. Well, we are not sure when the foldable devices will be launched in the market; the reports too do not say much about it. So at present, we do not know when to expect the devices. There is the news of foldable displays for iPhones in 2017. But that is not typically folded; it is termed “flexible.” It means the screen can be curved, not completely folded. And Samsung will be delivering the bulk of displays to Apple. So, it is pretty obvious that Samsung will get the upper hand.

It was heard that Samsung and LG were collectively investing around $11.6 billion for the foldable display. As of October, Samsung produced 95% of the overall small to medium OLED displays of iPhones. So we can just wait and watch which company emerges out to be the final winner. Stay tuned for more updates from Tech News.

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