LG G6 Leaked: Images Hint On LG Ditching Modular Design Of G5

LG, one of the most prominent electronics manufacturers of South Korea, will once again bring a flagship smartphone this year. This time the flagship smartphone will come with a surprise. The company decided to drop the modular design for LG G6. Last year we saw the LG G5, and this year it will be LG G6, but it won’t have the modular design like the previous model.

Previously LG claimed that the modular design is here to stay. The change in the announcement is probably due to the poor sales of LG G5. Few unofficial leaks suggest that the new LG smartphone is without the modular design. Here is what you can expect from LG G6 flagship smartphone.

Specifications of LG G6

As we know this one will be a non-modular smartphone. The display will have a plain design with a glossy finish. There will be no components that are removable or added. The edges of the new LG smartphone are chamfered. The rear panels are completely flat, and they too are non-removable. You will have a fingerprint scanner just below the rear camera setup. The device has a USB type C port at the bottom.

LG G6 Leaked Images

LG G6 Leaked Images

You will also have a bottom firing speaker though the bottom firing speaker facility is not confirmed yet. LG will still keep up with the headphone jack. The LG G6 will have a 5.3-inch QHD display. It is identical to the previous version. The upcoming flagship device will have top-notch specifications including the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

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Next gen LG smartphones

LG might bring two variants of LG G6. One in glossy finishes and the other in a matte finish. The company might also use a highly reflective metallic material for the rear panel. The G6 model might also use a wireless charging facility at the rear. It will power up the battery to 50% in just 30 minutes. According to LG spokesperson Ken Hong, the company will not completely ditch the modular concept for the next generation of G-series smartphones.

So the next gen smartphones of LG might also come with modular designs. The phone has got water resistant facility, and it will make an appearance at MWC 2017. The smartphone will also have a dual camera.

LG is planning to launch the device one month earlier than its usual sales timing for improving sales and also to beat Samsung. It means the company might make an announcement about the launch of LG G6 in January.

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