LG To Launch Brand New LG Floating Speakers

Now that the year has come to an end, a huge number of people are looking forward towards the CES and Mobile World Congress of 2017. We have seen a lot of advanced technical gadgets this year like the smart home devices, virtual assistants, etc. LG announced it would launch floating speaker at the Mobile World Congress. It will also bring a bunch of new smartphones. Well, the complete details of the floating speakers are not revealed yet. But here are a few particulars of the LG floating speakers that will release next year.

Details of LG floating speakers

The new LG floating speaker is called PJ9. This is a Bluetooth speaker. Though this is not the first Bluetooth speaker that combines music playing with floating. We have already seen a few companies working on the floating speakers. As for the LG floating speakers, this will offer you with a 360 degree sound emanating from “turbine blade-inspired design.” The subwoofer is built on a large base station that stores the electromagnetics.

The speaker is an IPX7 water resistant that comes with a battery. It is water resistant speaker which promises 19 hours of run time on a single charge. The best aspect of the speaker is when the power is low; the speaker will descend into a base station that fills up its battery backup. The price or availability is not mentioned yet.

LG Levitating Speaker

LG Levitating Speaker

Additional specs

The electromagnets placed in Levitation Station allow the speakers to remain in floating condition. With the full power of electromagnets present within the Levitation station, the PJ9 gets a great visual effect of floating in mid-air, without the presence of any surface or wires. The speaker has got an Omni-directional design that offers a sound with “deep bass, flush mid-range tones and crisp highs.”

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The speaker can stay immersed in water for 1 meter till 30 minutes. And this is why the speaker can be used in both indoors and outdoors. The Bluetooth technology of LG floating speakers comes with multipoint technology. This means you can connect this speaker to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

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