LG And Samsung Are Working On A Four Edged Curved Display

Yes, you just cannot deny, when it comes to the design and display, Samsung mobiles offer the best in class. Now, they are planning to take one step ahead. Samsung and LG are working to bring the four edged curved display. It looks like the next iteration of the Samsung Galaxy S series might see the four edged curved display. It might not have the edge to edge curved displays. The South Korea-based company’s next-gen display will cover up all the four edges of the phone. It will offer 98% screen ratio.

Now, this step will trigger the bezel-less displays in the smartphone industry. At present, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 offers the best screen ratio. It has got 93% screen to body ratio. Next, come the ZTE Nubia Z11 and Oppo R9 with a screen to body ratio of 74%. A major competitor of Samsung, the LG mobiles is also planning up for the same. They already supply the curved displays for Xiaomi Mi Note 2. It is rumored that LG is working on the four edged curved display for the LG V30. It is the successor of LG V20.

A disadvantage of Samsung mobiles with four edged curved display

But there is a disadvantage of Samsung’s four edged curved display. The main reason is the Samsung’s lamination process. If the company wraps up the screen on all the four sides, then the phone might create a blind spot. And because of this, the phone will not respond to touch.Well, Samsung mobiles are not the only one with manufacturing problems. Apple was supposed to bring a curved OLED display but due to manufacturing setbacks, it will stick with the flat model. Apple is working with Samsung Display a subsidiary of Samsung to fix it.

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Because of this problem with the four edged curved display, Samsung mobiles might turn towards a flexible screen. In 2017 February, the company got a patent for a device with a foldable display with a mechanical hinge in the middle. Last year, the company also showed a flexible 5.7 inch Full HD (1080p) display which can roll up like a scroll. The new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus come with the Infinity Display.

It is curved on both sides with no bezels. The LG G6 has also got the “full vision” display which comes with narrow bezels. We will have to wait and watch, whether the Samsung Galaxy S9 or the LG V30 comes with the four edged display or not.

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