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Whenever there is loud music played around you, there is always this wish deep down inside that you want to listen to your music instead of the song played. Metalheads wanting to headbang, classic rock people wanting to sway or EDM people to just dance to the dropping base, everyone wants to listen to their type of thing.

You can do this only when you have that particular crowd and not in a mixed crowd like a college function or a pub. You can’t even do it alone with your fellow we-have-such-similar-tastes-in-music people as it is going to be very noisy and everyone will be disturbed.

But what if you could? What if you and your friends could listen to your music, the same song, sitting in one room without putting it on the speaker and play it on your earphones. Now, this is possible. More than two people can listen to the same song via earphones on different mobiles. Confusing, isn’t it?
That confusion is what gave birth to the idea of Lisn. Lisn is an app where you can sync up the same music in real time and listen to it on various devices together. Vibhas Jain, Abheyraj Singh, Bhargav Sosale and Abhinav are the founders of this app.

Lisn Masthead

Lisn Masthead

The Beginning of Lisn

In October 2015, the founders built a rudimentary version of the app at a hackathon event. In this version, they were able to send music via Spotify and Soundcloud while chat about it, create a playlist, suggest tracks and play the same track on two phones and listen through earphones together. The whole feeling of synced up and listening to the same thing irrespective of the location was exhilarating to them. Here onwards, there was no stopping.

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Located in Bengaluru, the start-up hub and the national capital, Delhi, they have realized the demand for such a synced up music app. After creating a beta version of the app and a website through which they could streamline the songs with the help of other beta users, they recently launched the app to the public. Until now, about 12000 songs have been streamed on the app, and their app downloads have just grown through word of mouth, referrals and getting published on publications.

The Future

Since they have made the app public, they wish to keep it free for users, meanwhile, make money through other business channels. As of now as they are available only on the iOS platform, they are trying to bring in Apple Music besides getting other music streaming companies to come on board into their app. They also plan to launch the Android version of the app.

On Lisn you can chat and discuss music with only one other friend on the chat, but the founders are working on integrating group chats into the app. Lisn could be the Whatsapp of them music world as and when this development is complete. With a major customer base in India and USA, for now, they plan to gain more market in the coming time.
Well, now you know what you can do when you and your friends want to listen to the same music, but yet not disturb the environment.

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