Lucid Motors Brings New Electric Car To Take Tesla’s Market Lead

Well, it looks like Tesla is not the only company manufacturing the electric cars now. Lucid Motors has brought the prototype of electric car which is sleek and extremely fast. It offers a tough challenge to the Tesla’s Model S. And there are real reasons behind why Lucid Motors electric car is a competition for Tesla Model S. The person who was the developer of Tesla’s Model S, is now the Chief Technology Officer of Lucid Motors. And Lucid Motors are going to take up the full opportunity of this. Lucid Motors is a 300 person company that is headquartered in Menlo Park. It has got more than a few Tesla Alums.

Similar ideas with Tesla

Lucid Motors worked for a long time in stealth. No one had the slightest of hint that this company was going to come up with electric cars and pose a threat to Tesla. Lucid Motors finally revealed its car in a ceremony at the company’s Fremont workshop. It is not very far from the factory of Tesla. But none of the company’s executives mentioned Tesla as their competitor. Nimitz Freeway displayed a lot of similar ideas that were behind Tesla’s modern electric cars. Some of them contained a few twists.

Features of Lucid Motor electric cars

This electric car from Lucid Motors sports an absurd amount of legroom. A complete re-engineering and shrinking of the rear electric motor and also the suspension components. It makes the back seats completely lean back. The headlights are a narrow band of 10 individual lights. Each of the headlights is packed with 4870 small lenses inspired from fly’s eyes. The lights pivot for following the car’s path.

Lucid Electric Car Launch

Lucid Electric Car Launch

Plan of Lucid Motors

Lucid Motors is planning to start building up the cars in 2018 at a price of $700 million factories that the company will make in Arizona. The car will have all the sensors and computing power necessary for driving itself. But the makers are focused on making it a real pleasure while driving. Lucid Motors Vice President Derek Jenkins says, “We need to take the very best of the innovation that’s coming, this convergence of technologies — the autonomous (driving), the connectedness, the ride sharing — we need to take that and infuse it with all the things we love and are passionate about with the automobile.”

Price of electric cars

The Lucid Air is expected to be at the cost of more than $100000 with a special launch edition. The special edition will come at the price of $160000. The company started taking up $2500 deposits on Wednesday, and it is hoping to offer less expensive versions in the future. And this is where the competition arises with the Tesla models. On a test drive, Lucid’s prototypes had the acceleration which could automatically place the passengers in back seats. After the product is finished, the company says, it will be able to jump from 0 to 60 in just 2.5 seconds. This one also features the glass canopy roof that makes the interior feel even bigger than it is.

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After that, there are the front and rear trunks, the smooth face and door handles that sit flush with doors until it is necessary. All these are Tesla’s touches, but it becomes more appealing in the Lucid Motors version. The two electric motors, one on the front and one on the back offer the propulsion. It will give the car 1000 horsepower. Each engine designed by Lucid is highly compact to fit comfortably in one’s arm. The car has got a 100-KW battery with more than a 300-mile range. If you opt for a planned and a 130-KW battery pack, it will enable the car to go 400 miles on a single charge. It is the best any other electric vehicle can offer.

Self-drive software upgrade

The car is designed to incorporate the technology necessary for autonomous driving from ground up. The flat and dark plastic panels on front and back hide the cameras, the radar, and lidar required for the car for sensing the surroundings. According to Jenkins, the card might not have the total self-driving capacity at the time of release. It will be introduced later with a software upgrade. Lucid Motors have not revealed how much funding it attained. But the spokesperson said it would need to raise more money by next year. The luxury electric car business is a profitable one. Tesla has made two profitable quarters till date. And Faraday Future, which is another luxury vehicle startup, is based in California; they are facing a bit of cash crunch.

According to Lucid Motors executives, this is the time to re-think the automobile. And think it right from scratch. Electrification, the internet connectivity, and autonomous driving have the potential for creating different electric cars. The director of marketing Zak Edson of Lucid Motors said, “Companies like Lucid can take a fresh look at the way vehicles are conceived, the way they’re laid out and the energy that propels them.”

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