MacBook Pro 2016 – Review: The Almost Perfect Laptop

Apple is always remarkably consistent about creating the best laptops over the years. It came up with the best technologies and OS that is loved by innumerable people. Considering the significant updates that Apple received in its laptops, you just cannot ignore the MacBooks. This year Apple came up with yet another laptop called Apple MacBook Pro. Well, it is almost the perfect laptop one can have, but a few minor backdrops kept it constrained from being the “Perfect” laptop of the year. So let us check out the complete details and specs of Apple MacBook Pro 2016.

MacBook Pro 2016 Design and Display

The MacBook Pro comes with a classic and modern look. The aluminum body is thin and compact. The perfectly carved lid makes it easier and effortless to open. The 13 inch new MacBook Pro comes with a dimension of 11.97*8.36*0.58, and it weighs only 3.02 pounds. It is smaller in size than the previous version. And this is why the new Pro version is much more acceptable. It offered one of the best and brightest displays and registered 495 units during the test. The screen resolution is full HD with 2560*1600 pixels and retina display. This one is 67% brighter than the previous version.

The ports

Now this is where you will be disappointed. We hope that you like to use the dongles. The 13 inch MacBook Pro comes with two Thunderbolt 3 ports on its left and just a single headphone jack on the right. That’s all you will get. But the good news is, you will have the USB-C connector that enables power and data over a single connection. The USB C-connections are very fast. The speed can reach up to 40GBps. It will help you to connect two 4K monitors.

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You have to charge the laptops with any of the two ports. Because Apple does not have the MagSafe connection. If you spend an additional amount of $1799 on this laptop, you will get four thunderbolts three ports. But Apple has removed the SD card slot; this is why you will need the USB C card reader for connecting your camera directly to a laptop with a dongle. Apple also sells an additional $69 USB C Digital AV Multiport Adapter that includes the HDMI and full-size USB port for connecting the devices like iPhone, cameras or any other devices.

Audio quality

If you love to watch movies by live streaming or just by copying from other appliances, this MacBook Pro is an excellent one. It offers brilliant sound quality and thus you can hear every single detail in a movie/video/audio. The Pro version has got the best speakers. Apple redesigned the speakers to offer twice the dynamic range and three times the peak power that minimizes the distortion.

Keyboard and touchpad

You might find the butterfly keyboard on the 13-inch Pro to be flat. But it offers better tactile feedback, thanks to the improved dome switch design. The force touch trackpad continues to click without clicking before. There is a Taptic Engine which delivers very precise feedback. But the difference is the touchpad now has a dimension of 5.3*3.3 inches which is 46% higher than the last 13 inch MacBook version. The trackpad does not swipe or clicks accidentally as you keep on typing. If you can disable the Force click functions in the settings, then the keyboard will work more smoothly.

The Touch bar

The primary USP of this laptop is the Touch Bar. There is a thin LCD touchscreen above the Keyboard where escape keys are placed. The physical buttons are static, but the Touch Bar is very flexible and customizable. While typing it can suggest you the next word, it can offer the strip of emojis, during a video you can move the touch bar back and forth to pick a particular point in the video.

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Touch ID

It is not a new feature from Apple because we have already seen the Touch ID in case of the iPhones. But this Touch ID facility in MacBook Pro is useful. The range of use of this Touch ID has also expanded. You can use for Apple Pay, logging into apps and also confirming the security changes. Touch ID is the sensor located at the power button on top right of the keyboard.

Performance and specifications

Well, when it is about the specifications Apple decided to stick still with the 6th Generation Core i5 CPU on this 13 inch MacBook Pro that runs with 2 Ghz processor. You will have an 8GB RAM and 256GB of internal storage memory. It also comes with Iris Graphics 540 for gaming. It makes it faster than any previous models, but this is not a good one considering the competition in the market. But one of the best things you can rest assured about the Apple laptops is you will never face with the lag or hang issue. A lot of people will expect 7th gen processor in the price of MacBook Pro 2016 version. So this might come as a disappointment.

When it comes to flash storage performance, the MacBook Pro transferred 5GB file in just 10 seconds. The Iris graphics processor comes in handy. Apple opted for the Iris 540 graphics which is again backed up by 64MB e-DRAM. Thus it helps you to work smoothly with both the high graphics games and processor workloads.

Battery life:

Apple has got 54.5 watt-hour battery within the 13 inch MacBook Pro. And this will let you get 10 hours of working time including the internet, movies, and games and streaming. Now this will beat the competition in the market.


With the Siri in presence, you can rest assured that there will be no bloating issue at all. So you won’t have to worry about the third party software to take up all the memory. You will have a true MacOS Sierra experience. There is also an optimized storage facility which helps you free up space when you are in need of it. It supports Apple Play purchases online, improved photos app which automatically curates the images within the readymade collections called the Memories.


Speaking of the price, if you opt for the 2Ghz, 5th generation Intel i5 processor version with 256GB storage and 8GB storage, then it will charge you $1499. And if you choose the upgraded version with 16GB RAM, 512GB flash storage with core i7 processor, it will cost you $300 more. And opting for 1TB will charge you $600 more.

Bottom line:

The specifications and performance of this MacBook Pro are just perfect apart from the expected i7 processor. Still, it gives you flawless performance with i5 processor. No bloating, great battery with high graphics support capability. The only drawback is the unavailability of USB ports. So, in simple terms, if you can deal with the USB ports issue, then this is a useful and efficient laptop from Apple.

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