MacBook Pro Vs Surface Book: Battle Between Next Generation Laptops

The never ending tech record breakers Apple and Microsoft are consequently launching new products making their gadgets better and better. Now, they take the battle with their incredibly equipped Laptop computers. The Cupertino Giant launched its new MacBook Pro a day after the Redmond tech giant unveiled the Surface Book.

Be it the processing or the display, both the computers have made themselves far better than their predecessors. The accessories like the new Surface Pen, the accessibility to edit pictures in 360 degrees make the Microsoft computers unique and attractive. The awesomeness is overloaded with the option to broadcast one’s favorite games. This rivalry has brought many things with their stunning gadgets new to the table for this festive season.


Microsoft Surface Book is far better in graphical performance when compared to its predecessor. However, the same type of processors resides on both the gadget siblings. Two processors are commonly found  -one is a sixth generation Core i5 processor, and the other one is an i7 processor.

In the case of Apple, it comes with two variants. The 13-inch MacBook Pro comes with an Intel Core i5 skylake processor whereas the MacBook has got an i7 processor. The Macbook Pro has got 130% more graphical performance and 2.5 times more efficiency than its predecessor. The MacBook will show up in the market in late November or early December. The windows device will start shipping a bit earlier, which is soon after November 10.

Operating System

MacBook Pro

MacOS Sierra vs. Windows 10

The Microsoft’s latest Surface PC runs on Windows 10 OS whereas the MacBook Pro runs MacOS Sierra. It is accessible only for certain Mac products. Interface wise MacOS Sierra is better compared to Windows 10. But when it comes to Third Party App support Windows takes a huge lead compared to MacOS Sierra. You will get huge numbers of Third Party Application for Windows 10 which makes it more suitable to use compared to MacOS Sierra.

Both the OS has an inbuilt Virtual Assistant. MacOS Sierra has Siri whereas Windows 10 has Cortana. When it comes to games Windows, 10 is more preferred OS compared to MacOS Sierra. With MacOS Sierra, you can unlock your Mac with Apple Watch. When it comes to Privacy, Apple is the best in this department. You all had heard about the FBI incident. In that incident, FBI wanted Apple’s help breaking into a passcode-locked iPhone. But Apple refused to help them. And after that incident, Apple has increased its security and privacy setting in iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra.

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So, if you prefer Smooth Interface and Privacy, then I will suggest you go for MacOS. But if you love Gaming and Third Party Apps then go for Windows 10.


The Apple device has got 67 percent more contrast ratio than its predecessors. Also, it has got 25 more colors when compared to the previous versions. To mention, Apple is always known for its crystal clear retina display. The Microsoft Surface Book i7 proves to be no less than the mac book regarding display. It comes with an unconventionally high-resolution display in contrast to its previous versions.


Surface Book

Surface Book

The Microsoft Surface Book i7 has a detachable screen, unlike its predecessors that have a detachable type cover. The display is used as an output device when a user views it and also an input device when the user touches it. The device features an extremely sensitive touch screen and a flexible hinge. The MacBook Pro is the fittest member of the MacBook Pro with its thinnest design. The lightweight design makes it more compact and portable.

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro

Most of all, one notorious feature that makes MacBook Pro unique is the OLED touch panel which Apple calls it a Touch Bar. This helps the user use emoji without leaving the keypad. It replaces the F keys on the keyboard. The highly dynamic touch panel can adapt to any software used. It has got a fingerprint sensor just like the phones and pads. The smart touch panel can display typographic suggestions too.


If you want a better all round deal, then you must go for the Microsoft Surface Book i7. Furthermore, you can use Surface Book as Tablet. But if you want great looks, smooth Interface, and future-proof ports then you must go for Apple MacBook Pro. You also get a choice of screen sizes, which can be useful depending on your needs and personal preference. In my opinion, there is no right or wrong laptop. It all depends on person’s requirement.

[toggle title=”Surface Book i7 and Macbook Pro Specification” type=”close”]

Surface Book i7 MacBook Pro
Processor Intel i5, i7 Intel i5, i7
Screen Size 13.5-inch 13.3inch/15.4inch
Resolution 3000×2000 2560×1600/2880×1800
Graphics Intel HD — Nvidia GTX 965M Intel Iris/– Radeon Pro 455
Thickness 0.9-inch 0.6-inch
Weight 3.3-3.6lbs 3lbs (13-inch)/4lbs (15-inch)
Touch Control Full touch screen Touch Bar/Touch ID
USB Ports 2 USB 3.0 Type A 2x (13-inch), or 4x (15-inch) Thunderbolt 3
Battery Life 12-16 hours 10 hours


On the whole, this healthy competition promises to quench the technology thirst of gadget lovers this holiday season.

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