MacBook Finally Gets Touchscreen With AirBar At $99

We bet almost each and every owner of Apple MacBook was waiting when the company will launch the touchscreen system for MacBook. The wait has come to an end. Though it is not Apple, that offers you with MacBook touch screen system. But this $99 gadget named as AirBar will make your MacBook a complete touch screen one.

That device is called AirBar. It turns the ordinary displays into a touchscreen. But that will not be compatible with any other laptops. It will only work with the MacBooks. So in simple terms, your MacBook will become a touchscreen.

The company which created this AirBar is called Neonode. It revealed this technology specifically designed for the 13 inch MacBook Air at CES. What can be a better place to show off this new tech than the world’s largest electronic show in Las Vegas? Apple refused that it will not bring a touchscreen input for their laptop devices.

Soon we will know about the 15 inch MacBook that Apple will launch against the Microsoft marketing. That laptop will come with just a simple touch bar for ease of texting. But full touchscreen option is not in Apple’s consideration.

How does touchscreen work in MacBook?

For those who are eager to swipe the screen in their MacBook laptops, this is an excellent option. The AirBar is a magnetic strip that sits at the bottom edge of the laptop’s display. It will offer you the complete freedom of touchscreen in just $99. So how does it work? After you place the gadget at the end of the display, it will emit an invisible light field.

Neonode AirBar For Mac

Neonode AirBar For Mac

It is identical to infra-red lights. It allows the standard screens to receive the touch input. It plugs into the laptop through the USB to transmit the gestures within software commands. You can do anything by touching the screen, like opening windows, zooming, and using touch to draw and write.

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Price of AirBar and release date

The AirBar is not a new thing. It was previously available for the 15.6-inch laptops. But from today, it is available for the 13-inch laptops too. You can pre-order it. Right now you won’t get it after you register for it; the shipping will start from March. So hopefully you can get that by March. According to Neonode, the company is working to make the AirBar compatible with other MacBooks too. It will launch few other AirBar devices that support other MacBook devices.

You can also buy this one to make your PC into a touchscreen, but there is no shortage of touch screen options in Windows world. AirBar has got in-built sensors, and it can even detect touch from paintbrushes too. Previously, the price of AirBar for 15-inch laptops was $69.

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