Mahindra e2o Plus: An Electric Car by Mahindra

Mahindra Electric is all set to optimize and expand its electric car market by unleashing new upgraded version of Mahindra e2o as Mahindra e2o plus on 21st October.

The company has still not unveiled the features and upgradations made to the upcoming model. But certain facts have been unearthed from the teaser.

Mahindra e2o Plus

Mahindra e2o Plus Rear

Three images of the car have been released. One image shows the rear of the car and other image shows the car’s profile.  One thing is clear after observing these two pictures that company has increased the size of the upcoming model from its two-door sibling. The third image shows the front vogue of the car, is same as its sibling. But the teaser website has given a hint, which the car’s styling is still left to be revealed.

Mahindra e2o Plus

Mahindra e2o Plus Front

Mahindra unfolded the meaning of name e2o plus as Energy To Oxygen, which clearly reflects companies policy of environment-friendly motive. Furthermore, the new Plus here means “Positive” and good positive impact of the product for the society.


  1. Maintenance Free – It will save your lot of money. As the car will have lithium-ion batteries which will be maintenance free.
  2. Increased Speed – If AC is on, then the car will travel at an impressive 85kmph. When  AC is off, then the product will give you the maximum speed of 100kmph.
  3. Easier And Fast Charging Capability – It can quickly charge in the home like your other electric devices. The load capability of the car will also be fast than previous.
  4. Look Swag –  Car will have vertical slats on the front grille, it will have chrome finishing around the sides, while the front and rear bumpers will also be tweaked.
  5. Advanced Enhancements – Car will enhance advanced music systems like electric OVRMs, Connectivity and support of DVD, MP3, and CD.
  6. Power Steering – The car will have a Good Power Steering.
  7. Increased BootSpace –  Hopeful increase in the boot space, which was decent in the previous model. But will increase in the new design.
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  • Basics – Car will borrow its hardware and basic looks from the previous model
  • Power – Sibling e2o encases 19 kW (25.5hp) and 53Nm of torque, paired to an automatic transmission with a range of 120 km on a single charge and a top speed of 80 km/h.
  • Performance – Ultimately the performance of the car will be same as its predecessor.
  • Dimensions – Dimensions will be compact with tubeless tires of 13-inches.
  • Interiors – Interiors will be similar to its sibling.


On 21st October company will release its product. So it is expected that the automaker will offer bright, festive colors to its customers. Indian Market has cheerfully accepted vivid colors of cars, so expected colors of Mahindra e2o plus are

Eco Green, Sunfire Yellow, Arctic Silver, Spanish Red, Coral Blue and Oceanic White.

With the teaser, one can figure out a stunning black color model.


Mahindra e2o Plus will carry a price tag between 5-8 lakhs INR.  So, we can expect that the price of the model will inevitably rise. But there is no official confirmation from Mahindra regarding price.


The previous model made a real impact in the Indian Market with its sales. Therefore, the car is enhanced with best in class features and on the top it is eco-friendly. For the environment lovers in a country facing substantial pollution, this car is a role model, and this car is a blessing. Expected Hit now let’s wait for the release.

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