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It’s incredibly hard to convince someone to adopt your app. The process is excruciating when you are not an already established brand. In the web world, trying a new website is very easy, just click and go.  There are several steps when you deal with an app. For example, there is app download, password entry, and 4-5mins away trying out the app. How can Annove help in this scenario? Let us find out.

Annove App

Pravin Singh is the founder of Annove which is a Gurgaon-based AI startup. The startup aims to “Mobilize world’s information.” Recently launched their flagship product Aplus, an app discovery platform built specifically on mobile deep link technology. It intends to make apps discovered and up to 100% more usable. It tightens the smartphone apps integrity as the content served is relevant to the apps already available on user’s device. Munish, Head of Engineering @Annove added,

We believe the only way to engage users is to let them discover the inner content of apps. The future of information consumption is not intent based but rather discovery, and this is what we exactly follow at Angove.

App content going through Aplus has deep-link with mobile. It enables the users to jump directly to the target app. App promoters can now let the user experience their apps without downloading with deferred deep linking. Aplus is offered as a SaaS product and operates into B2B mode.  Alkendra Singh, Product Officer @Annove said:

We deal with millions of data sets trying to analyze and gain some of the amazing insights regarding user behavior.

Annove App

Annove App

Pravin who has previous experience as a search technologist and has helped several startups to uplift their products currently runs a team of 10 and are bootstrapping smoothly.

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Future Plans

It’s the need of the hour for high information consumption over smartphone devices and Annove is moving in that direction. Pravin said,

Aplus, is a baby step towards our long-term goal in revolutionising information consumption over smartphones – we want to defragment mobile app ecosystem and make apps up to 100% more usable.

Annove is looking forward to creating its open source “App Deeplink Platform.” It would allow app developers deep link their mobile apps both on Android and iOS.

About Annove

Angove works to minimize the challenge a user faces with the shrinking screen while fetching information online. We believe more in speculative technologies that can create a better life ecosystem rather than just superficial ones 😉

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