Members of Congress Want Unsecured Android Phone Of Trump To Be Investigated

Last month, there were speculations that Donald Trump’s Android smartphone was not secured. The current President of US refused to give up his old Samsung Galaxy S3. Though later he had to give up his Android devices for his security, some say that he didn’t renounce his phone.

The situation is dangerous now. California Congressmen Ted Lieu proposed an investigation of the unsecured Android smartphone of Donald Trump. 14 other members of the Congress co-signed the letter. The letter was sent to House of Oversight Committee. From the moment the story first came out, sources indicate Donald Trump is still using the same Samsung Galaxy S3.

The letter says, “The device President Trump insists on using — most likely the Samsung Galaxy S3 — has particularly well-documented vulnerabilities”. It is clearly an understatement. The Galaxy S3 smartphone came with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. After a certain period, the phone got 4.3 Jelly Bean update and then KitKat 4.4. Even if we assume that Trump was using Galaxy S3 on KitKat OS, which is also three-year-old software. The Samsung smartphone security patch initiative is not present in KitKat. Thus, any vulnerability discovered in last three years is carried by the president on the phone.

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Letter for investigation of Trump’s unsecured Android phone

We don’t need to tell you what are the threats that an unsecured Android phone might pose. Ted Lieu requested that the House of Oversight and the Government Reform Committee needs to hold an investigation. The reason for the investigation was, “the president is is jeopardizing national security by egregiously failing to implement commonsense safety measures across the board.” In the letter, Lieu also added, “Cybersecurity experts universally agree that an ordinary Android phones, which the President is reportedly using despite repeated warnings from the Secret Service, can be easily hacked.” He called it “an egregious affront to national security.

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Additional investigation on use of unsecured email accounts

An unsecured Android phone used to Tweet can expose the Android phones to many vulnerabilities. All you need is just a tap on one single wrong link. So, finally, the bottom line is Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone is just too old to have any security measures. Thus, it is a terrible idea for President Donald Trump to carry such an unsecured Android phones. Additionally, Lieu wants an investigation on the new administration’s use of unsecure email accounts.

It is disturbing because of the Russia’s widespread election hacks. Ted Lieu is not new to cyber security issues. Last year he called for an investigation in Samsung Galaxy S7 security flaw. Let us see wait and watch what the results of the investigation of the unsecured Android phone of Donald Trump are. We will keep you informed with the latest updates.

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