Microsoft Acquires Canadian AI Startup Maluuba

Microsoft announced that it acquired Maluuba. It is a natural language processing startup that is focused on using the deep learning approach. The deep learning is the approach for artificial intelligence that is presently in vogue. It has offered a lot of profits for the last five years.

According to Microsoft, “We’ve recently set new milestones for speech and image recognition using deep learning techniques, and with this acquisition we are, as Wayne Gretzky would say, skating to where the puck will be next — machine reading and writing.” They wrote this after the purchasing the company Maluuba.

Microsoft ties with Yoshua Bengio of Maluuba

In last year, the startup already proved that the AI could read and understand the texts with almost human capability. It will outperform nearly all the other company AI’s like Facebook and Google. Apart from this, Microsoft also confirmed its ties with Yoshua Bengio. He is the pioneer in the deep learning field of AI. He was also the advisor of Maluuba.

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Now, he is going to be the advisor of the AI division of Microsoft. Microsoft intends to integrate this system with Cortana, the digital assistant of Microsoft. It will help consumers to deal with the everyday chores with ease. Just imagine a system that not only knows what emails you are receiving but also identifies the critical information in every message. For Microsoft, the options go much deeper.

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Mission of Maluuba

The mission of Maluuba is to create a more general artificial intelligence that can reason, think and communicate like any other human being. The team of Maluuba is addressing some fundamental problems in the language understanding. They are trying to implement some of the innate capabilities of human brain starting from the memory, the common sense, reasoning, and decision making.

You can communicate with AI agent that leverages the Maluuba’s machine understanding capabilities. And the best part is, it will be able to respond to your request immediately. The agent can answer your queries in a company security compliant manner with a deeper understanding of the contents of your organization documents and emails instead of just retrieving it for you.

No mention of price

Last month Microsoft released MS Marco data set for machine reading and Maluuba recently made its datasets for the text understanding. The conversational dialogue systems are available as well. Microsoft has not yet disclosed about the terms and conditions of the acquisition that includes the price. Maluuba was founded in 2011. It raised $11 million in equity funding. Microsoft invested in AI though the Cortana Intelligence Suite for Windows 10.

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