Microsoft AI Chatbot Ruuh Is Made Specifically For The Indian Market

Microsoft is quite experienced in making AI chatbots. At first, there was Tay, and then came Zo and now Ruuh. Microsoft AI chatbot Ruuh is available for the Indian users only. You can call it as a “desi AI” which never stops talking. Microsoft launched the latest AI chatbot on February 7th.

It didn’t disclose it openly because it filed for a trademark for Ruuh, on March 15th. The new AI Chatbot has got interests in chatting, Music, Bollywood, Humor, Travel, sports and browsing the internet. The Tay Ai was created by Microsoft and Bing teams. It was specifically targeted for the 18-24-year-olds.

Microsoft AI chatbot Ruuh is for entertainment purpose

At present, Microsoft is testing the AI chatbot Ruuh. It is available in English only. The Microsoft Ruuh chatbot is for entertainment purposes. Microsoft also made announcements to make the chatbot available for a wider section of people. According to the Facebook page description of the Microsoft AI Chatbot Ruuh, “Ruuh is a chatbot provided to you for entertainment purposes. She is English speaking and only available to users in India. Do not rely on her statements as advice, counseling or endorsements.”

Users can also interact with the chatbot on Facebook. A lot of posts on the Facebook show, Ruuh’s command on what could be the Indian English slangs. For instance, word like “Fraaandship,” “Yo” etc. are not uncommon for Ruuh.

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How is Microsoft conducting the tests?

In a dedicated page for the text messages for Chatbots in India by Microsoft, the company says, the text messaging chatbots are also becoming human with the betterment of technology. And this is why it is important to understand personal interactions which users are looking in a chatbot. Microsoft is exploring what chatbot personalities are the best for urban users in India.

To know more about this, Microsoft conducted Wizard of Oz (WoZ) studies with users who have stimulated interactions with a chatbot. They told the participants there might be a human involved in the chat. But they didn’t mention the extent of human involvement. They synthesize the results in a set of recommendations for the future chatbots.

Microsoft told ZDNet, they are focusing on helping people and organizations in achieving more through the conversation models. They are also exploring the possibilities in this field with a limited pilot program of new chatbots for a broader section of the audience.

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