Microsoft Cortana Will Assist You In Setting Up Windows 10 Update

Microsoft is launching the Windows 10 update for its users and as a part of the update; you will get a brand new feature. The Microsoft Cortana will assist you in setting up the Windows 10 Creator’s Update. Yes, the voice assistant will help you set up the update for Microsoft Windows 10. So what exactly will Cortana do to assist you in setting up Windows 10?

The Cortana will help you setting up the Wi-Fi connections, sign into the Microsoft account all with voice assistance. Microsoft is always working to compete with the Android gadgets. Regarding smartphones, it might not be successful as Android, but in other genres, like laptops, Desktop and voice assistant (Cortana), Microsoft is still a major brand. The new Windows 10 update is called Creator’s update; it will release on 11th April. Now is the right time to offer you a look at the Microsoft Cortana update.

How to install Windows 10 Creator’s Update with Microsoft Cortana

Cortana will introduce with the setup process and ask you to start. You can use either your voice or a more traditional keyboard mouse approach. If you use your voice, you have to say “yes” or “no” with your voice. There is a microphone icon, with which you can turn off Cortana’s voice.

Now, you have to accept the license agreement of Windows 10. You can’t say, “No” because if you say NO you can’t proceed further. Technically you can, but you cannot proceed further unless you say “yes” and accept the license agreement. Now Cortana will ask you to connect to the internet. If you are connected already, then it will skip it. If you are not connected to the internet, it will ask you to set up a Wi-Fi hotspot. When you connect to a network, Microsoft Cortana will automatically start checking for Windows 10 update.

Setting up a Microsoft Account

The next step is to set a Microsoft account. Log in to your Microsoft account with your keyboard because Cortana won’t work with your login credentials. If you don’t want to login to a Microsoft account, then skip it and click on “offline account.” Now enter the password. If you want, you will be prompted a PIN to setup.

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It is better to sign up with a Microsoft Account because keeping a Microsoft Accounts will offer you with options like a direct sign into Skype,, signing into windows phone, OneDrive, Xbox Live for games. So basically it means you can get your files, contacts, and photos, on any Microsoft device. Thus, if you don’t have a Microsoft account, just sign up and create one. Moreover, you will get 7GB of SkyDrive storage space on Microsoft account.

Now you can turn on or turn off the OneDrive Syncing files. In case you have used OneDrive before, the setup screen will recognize it and inform you about the amount of storage left. If not, then Cortana will brief you on what OneDrive is. After you are done with the OneDrive settings, Cortana will prompt you to set up. You can choose to use Cortana or not use it. From the settings, you can also enable “Hey Cortana.” It will activate the Cortana Hands-Free.

Privacy settings

Finally, you will come into the Privacy Settings. Microsoft made it simple and easy to understand, it took quite some time to update the Privacy Settings. Make sure you read everything and then select the features. Most of the features are on. It is the default configuration. In the privacy settings too, you have to use the hardware because you cannot use voice commands here. That’s all. In this way, you can install the Windows 10 Creators Update on your PC. It is a simple process where you can use both voice and keyboard simultaneously.

Cortana can be a potential threat to other smart assistants if….

Now that Microsoft introduced the Cortana into the desktop, it will offer the company with an edge over other smart assistants like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Siri, because these are solely focused on home appliances. At present, there is no smart assistant available for desktops or laptops. If Microsoft Cortana is available for the iOS and Android smartphones, then it can offer a tough competition to Google and Apple products too. But to achieve that, Microsoft Cortana needs a lot of updates.

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