Microsoft Folding Surface Phone Cum Tablet Hints Patent Leak

Microsoft gets the patent to create a brand new Microsoft folding Surface Phone. The smartphone is flexible, and you can fold it into a tablet when you need it. It offers functionality like Surface Phone form factor. The patent is granted this month. It describes the device as a “mobile computing device which comes with a flexible hinge structure.”

In simple terms, this is a smartphone, but when it is folded, it can be used as a tablet with a larger interface. Yes, Microsoft has a lot of designs on the same theme. Not only Microsoft, but Samsung is also working on the foldable displays. But that is very much different from what Microsoft patented this month.

How the Microsoft Folding Surface Phone cum tablet works?

The potential form factor that Microsoft uses has got three hinged panels. They are joined along the edges of every rectangular section. It will unfold to make the device with double or even triple the screen space than that of a smartphone. When you are using a flexible display, the screen will stretch around the hinges, and when they are opened, it offers an uninterrupted panel.

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For the same patent, Microsoft shared an alternative design too that comes with a sliding form factor. In that design, you can pull out one side of the handset, and that will reveal a larger display. According to the sample sizes from Microsoft and the screen resolutions, a 5.58 phone can convert into a 9-inch tablet.

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Advantages are clear

In simple terms, the display of Microsoft folding Surface phone suggests that you can stretch the screen across the hinge. It is how you will have the option of a folded phone sized device that reveals a large, yet thin display. This arrangement can be worked both as desktop and mobile screen with connections to both external display and peripheral devices.

The patent does not offer too many technical details. There are clear advantages. The tablet with a phone like handy feature is easy to keep in pockets and travel. There is more room for apps, and video playback is much more fun.

We are waiting to see how the full-sized peripherals into a windows phone run the desktop like apps. It has to work on Microsoft folding Surface phone fast because Samsung is also in the competition, offering a foldable smartphone. The foldable smartphone of Samsung will release in early 2017.

Microsoft Folding Surface Phone Patent Leaked Images

Microsoft Folding Surface Phone Patent

Microsoft Folding Surface Phone Patent

Microsoft Folding Surface Phone Patent

Microsoft Folding Surface Phone Patent
Microsoft Folding Surface Phone Patent Microsoft Folding Surface Phone Patent Microsoft Folding Surface Phone Patent
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