Microsoft Hololens “Spectator View” Lets You Record The AR Experience

In 2015, Microsoft already launched the Hololens mixed reality headset. A lot of people are curious to know about it, but the reality is, very few people use it. The world of Microsoft Hololens is a magical one. You will have all 3D drawn images and floating web browsers, while the other people in the room don’t experience anything.

Microsoft introduced a rig, or rather a hack that will let you capture a Hololens video. With this feature, you will be able to capture and then share what is happening inside the AR headset. Thus, the people round you will get a better understanding. The feature is called Microsoft Hololens “Spectator view.”

Constraints of Microsoft Hololens previously

The feature is great to share. But it also needs a lot of hardware and software DIY before you can record video. You will get the complete process of how you can do it on the developers’ page of Microsoft. The Hololens offers mixed reality experiences that overlay digital elements into the real world. Microsoft offers mixed reality capture to share the Hololens experience, but there is a problem.

Viewing the content was quite a disturbing experience previously because of the head shakes. There were also constraints regarding the specifications of the device. Microsoft solved this with the Spectator View feature. It is perfect for demonstrations, presentations, and live streaming.

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How to connect?

The users have to plug in a DSLR camera to the Hololens device using the HDMI cable. The Hololens will interface with a computer over Wi-Fi. Microsoft Hololens Spectator View is only available for the Hololens application on the Windows Universal Platform. Users have to calibrate the setup, and they are ready to go.

After that, they can capture and overlay the augmented reality elements in real time in different places. The user base for Microsoft Hololens is still small. The hack will let the users understand the potential of Hololens.

Michael Hoffman, the co-founder, says, [quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]Showing 3D objects in your physical world is a magical experience that is hard to translate to a 2D monitor. Spectator View with a stabilisation rig makes it possible to show the 3D nature of mixed reality encountered by a Hololens user.[/quotes] Eliminating the head shake is a great way for presenting mixed reality content. But the best feature is, it can capture the holographic images as the third parties would see it.

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