Microsoft Launches Skype Lite For Low End Smartphones Only In India

Skype is one of the best apps for video and voice calls over the internet. Though it has got many competitors at present like Whatsapp and Hike, still, for the Windows phone users, Skype is the one they have to rely upon. For the Android devices, the Skype is a bigger app than Whatsapp and Hike. And this is why people stick to these two apps for video and voice calls instead of Skype download. The scenario is going to change now. Microsoft launches Skype Lite for the low-end Android smartphones.

It is small in size and comes with a whole lot of features. Microsoft Research and Development center of Hyderabad developed it. It is released in India. Right now the company is not planning to release the Skype Lite in other countries. Skype for Android has millions of users in India. The issue is, a lot of users have low-end smartphones. Thus, they face problem using the Skype app. At the launch event Satya Nadella said, [quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]Not only that, although there has been a high-speed 4G rollout in India, you will still frequently find the speeds dropping to 3G or even 2G levels as you’re out and about, and these are still used in a wide part of India. That’s why we created Skype Lite.[/quotes]

Skype Lite app features

The new Skype Lite app is just 13MB in size. The Skype download for the lite version is already available in Google Play Store from 22nd February. The new version of Skype for Android will come with features like instant messaging, video and audio calling and Skype bots. When the user is a strong connection, the Skype Lite will offer HD calls like the normal calls in Skype for Android. When the connection drops, then the call quality will also drop using a new compression technique.

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The Skype for Android Lite version will compress the images, use lesser data. If you want to re-share the pictures, it will go directly from Skype for Android. It shows the amount of data you used and how much data you saved by using this version.

Aadhar integration

The Skype download for lite version comes with Aadhar integration. It will verify a user. When you tap on the menu button, you will see that there is a request for Aadhar verification option. When you tap on this, a verification request will go to the person you want to talk in Skype. If they accept, you will get an OTP on your phone linked with Aadhar number. Put in the OTP and you are linked with your Aadhar Number. It can help the government agencies as well.

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The Skype Lite can be the default dialer app. The messaging tab will show you the Skype IMs along with the SMS messages and then filters out the promotional messages so that the texts are uncluttered. The calling tab will show the Skype calls and the phone calls through the carrier. The contacts will also show you your phone contacts. One major feature of this app is the Mojis. It is a movie based GIF images that are like the animated stickers.

Conversations are encrypted

There are 7 Indian languages supported in Skype. These languages include Gujrati, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil Telegu, Marathi, and Urdu. There are encryptions for all conversations and this is why they are secure. It is a nice looking app with smooth UI and offers a lot of features. You can message only those contacts who have accepted your request. Apart from this, the text, voice and video messages worked smoothly. The Skype Lite uses similar login feature like the Skype for Android. Microsoft is also planning for more features like SMS backup and data limits for the future updates.

Microsoft is planning to bring back lost Skype users

The app is going to change the way people used to see the Skype app. There will have no worry about the storage space and the features are good for using all the functionalities of Skype. It is evident that Microsoft has put a lot of thought into it. Microsoft executive said, [quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]What we were seeing is that people were aware of Skype, they were our users, but they were dropping off. With Skype Lite, this might take a lot of users away from Skype, but they’re still our users. There are alternatives in the market, and our focus was to build something that is good enough to keep our users happy.[/quotes]

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