Microsoft Postpones Shutdown of Sunrise Calendar App

If you remember, the app of Sunrise Calendar – which was last year acquired by Microsoft – was scheduled to be officially shut down on August 31, 2016. But 31st August has already past and nothing happened. It seems that the giant of software has postponed the shutdown of Sunrise Calendar App for some time.

Earlier this year, Microsoft revealed that they are planning to close the popular calendar app. They acquired this calendar last year. 31st August was the set date. They were planning to move the majority of the functions of the Sunrise app to Outlook email app on Android and iOS. Many users of the Sunrise app have complained that Microsoft hasn’t done enough for integrating the Sunrise features into Outlook. It appears that Microsoft also agree with this, and that’s why they are delaying the Sunrise apps’ shutdown.

Statement Released by Microsoft

The spokesperson of Microsoft said in a statement that the company has decided to wait for some more time to include some more features of the Sunrise app in Outlook. Once these features are released, the famous Sunrise app will be shut down officially.

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Right now, it is not clear how long Microsoft will take to move these functions to Outlook. This temporary delay means sunrise app will shine for some more days.

Features of Sunrise Calendar App

Best features of the Sunrise app were its integration with the 3rd party services. From within the main calendar view, anyone can see tasks from Todoist, due dates from Trello, travel plans from Triplt, concerts from Songkick and much more. Meanwhile, the Microsoft Outlook integrates with only 3; Wunderlist, Evernote, and Facebook. The integration page is promising that new apps will come soon, but it is unclear whether Outlook will be successful in matching what sunrise had built.

There is currently no information on exactly when Microsoft will pull the plug on the Sunrise Calendar app now.

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