Microsoft’s Servers Down: Users Can’t Access Skype, Outlook, Etc.

Remember a few days ago Amazon servers were down? Well, it seems contagious. Some of the most popular services of Microsoft are down in many countries. For several hours users were unable to access Skype, Outlook, Xbox Live, and other software. Hence there was a flood of complaints on social media over Microsoft’s server down.

Microsoft has confirmed the outage but hasn’t revealed anything. They gave a statement to Quartz saying the following:

[quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]We are aware of reports that some users are having difficulty signing into some services. We are investigating this issue.[/quotes]

Error in Microsoft’s server

Thousands of users are saying that they are greeted with an error message. Some are saying they viewed a blank page. According to ManchesterEveningNews, some are even told that their account does not exist.

Some users who can open the website are unable to input passwords. The screen shows “password incorrect” even for correct entries. Hence the problem seems to lay in Microsoft’s authentication servers. These problems started arising around 12 pm in the UK.

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The struggle is real for those who were trying to connect to their loved ones via Skype. Even die-hard gamers aren’t able to access Xbox Live as well. Meanwhile, users are frustrated that Microsoft isn’t giving them any reply.

Is it just Microsoft’s server?

There seems to be a major problem with the Internet. With Cloudflare leaking passwords and Amazon Servers (S3) going down, it is a concern. That is not all! Last October, a massive online attack in the US took out Twitter, Github, and Spotify. Shopify and some other websites were also down.

But the major attack was on the Internet of Things such as the baby monitors and appliances. Now the authentication issue of a large number of Microsoft users has raised the alarm. All of this raise a major concern – how secure are we on the internet?

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