Microsoft Surface Book 2 will be Launched During Windows 10 Event

When it comes to technology Microsoft always has its way. Ever since its inception, Microsoft has always come up with a unique product. Now many people are talking about the launch of the Surface book 2. But what is a surface book? This question may answer all our questions and expectations about the upcoming product.

Surface Book

The surface book is a slim, sleek and very great looking hybrid notebook. This notebook is both a laptop and a tablet. Yes, you can remove the screen from the laptop and use it as a tablet. It uses something, as Microsoft calls it “Design Fulcrum hinge” which is used to connect the screen to the keyboard base. Because of this hinge, the laptop can also be utilized in an 180-degree manner. Coming to the design part, it comes with a complete metallic body, from the body to the keyboard you will never feel like using a computer. And taking the touch screen display, this gadget has one of the best high-resolution displays available in the market, and a processor which can clock up to 3 GHz speed is one of the best performing processors.

Surface Book 2

Please note that all the below-mentioned aspects are the expected ones, and none of them have been officially confirmed. Expectations are based on the Surface Book which shook the industry with its design and performance. The actual launch may be on October 26, in the Windows ten event.

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First the processor. It is expected to house the latest Intel Kaby Lake Processor, and this will power up the 13.5-inch screen. With Intel HD Graphics 520, the screen will have a 3000 x 2000 (3:2) resolution. With this high-end graphics, it may also provide support for 4K videos and high-end 3D graphics. A hard disk size of 1 TB and a RAM with 16 GB will keep this notebook up and running even on high loads.

The design of this new notebook is expected to be completely overhauled, and Microsoft may come up with a new model because in the previous version the Design Fulcrum hinge attracted a considerable amount of dirt.

According to a post on Techradar Microsoft may come up with the design in two ways and you can read the full post from here.

Microsoft may also upgrade the battery and may come up with two batteries. One battery for the screen and the other for the keyboard base. This will help the user to use them separately without any fuss.

The stylus pen which also came with the previous version may not see any change. The base OS may be Windows 10 or some other Windows versions, while few other features are expected to remain the same without any change.

Nonetheless, we will have to wait for the official launch to satisfy our curiosity.

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