Microsoft Surface Dial: The Coolest Accessory From Microsoft

Microsoft launched the Surface Studio, and along with it, the company also launched the Microsoft Surface Dial. It is an accessory and perhaps the most surprising element from Microsoft. It is a device that is placed on the Surface studio screen for offering radial menu, and it also acts as another form of input. You can use it any Windows 10 PC.

The Microsoft Surface Dial is a Bluetooth-enabled accessory that works on any Windows-enabled PC or Laptop. If you have a surface studio (which most of you have), all you need is just put them near the keyboard.

What does Microsoft Surface Dial do?

Now this is the major question. Why do you need this? The device is mostly useful for the artists, engineers, and graphics designers. With this instrument, you can call up for a pen, the pain brush and also measuring tools. For this, you won’t even have to lift and move the pen off the display. In simple terms, it is a good one for drawing and creative artists.

What apps does it support?

It supports all the Windows apps like PPT, Word, Excel, Onenote, etc. It also supports other apps like Bluebeam, Drawboard, Mental Canvas, Sketchable, Spotify; Staff paid, Plumbago, Sketchpad, Groove Music, paint and Microsoft Photos. To change the features, all you need to do is just press down the dial button one second. The device will vibrate. It displays an on-screen radical dial that will offer you with a choice of function.

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You can switch tracks in Groove music, scrub the track, control the volume, and skip to the next track. In Microsoft Edge, you will be able to scroll down the web page, zoom and get much more features. Surface dial can instantly adapt to each app which is active with new choices set by the developer.

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What can Microsoft Surface Dial do for the non-artists?

Here is what it does. The surface dial will allow you for the very fine grain movement of then hands. It is more sensitive and also accurate than a mouse, the volume buttons and also the keyboard arrows. You can get the most gentle scroll through the web pages, undo, navigate and much more. You can make its use in everyday tasks. It is an excellent choice for those who want to have a high-end PC setup. The best feature of this device is, it allows the developers to customize the functionality for specific applications.

The price

The price of Microsoft Surface Dial is $99. Well, you might get similar other devices from non-branded companies, but we can assure you this device is better for quality, functionality, and features. At $99, the surface dial is just an add-on that brings extensive facilities and class to your PC. It offers the gentle haptic feedback that is pretty fair for the cover line which was never so cheap and affordable.

The Surface Dial comes with two AAA batteries. It will last for one year on a continuous usage of 4 hours every day. So we can say that it has got an excellent battery life in $99. Overall, it is a cool aluminum gadget, less than 2.5 inches in diameter, fits perfectly in your palms, and offers a lot. So you can check this device out.

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