Microsoft Surface Phone Leaked Images And Details

We are all aware that Microsoft is going to launch one of the best smartphones till date. Few reports also say that this will be the best smartphone that anyone would ever desire. Microsoft already started working on the smartphone last year and this year it will launch the Microsoft Surface phone.

The reason Microsoft began working on the surface phone is, the Lumia phones production was stopped. Here we bring you with the leaked images of Microsoft Surface phones that seem to be almost in the size of a phablet than a mobile phone.

Features of Microsoft Surface phone

The surface phone is a slim brick-like device that has got a white cover on its back. The speakers are grille at the top and bottom. Below the display, there is trademark windows logo of Microsoft. Above you will see the Microsoft brand name like it was present in the Lumia devices. So basically the looks are almost similar to the Lumia devices.

You will see three keys present on the right side. And this is the volume up key, volume down key and the power button.

Microsoft Surface Phone Leaked Images

Microsoft Surface Phone Leaked Images

You will also get an additional key that is speculated to be the dedicated camera shutter button. There is a 3.5 mm audio jack like any other device, and it also comes with a type C USB port at the bottom.

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The add-ons in Surface phone

Some reports are of the opinion that the speculations are from canceled Intel SoC based Surface Phone. This Microsoft Surface phone will run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and inbuilt Windows Operating System. At present, the company is busy finalizing the product, and it will soon release the phone in 2017 after few tests. According to the company, it is not focusing on smartphones that are not passable but are exciting to use.

The images are authentic but officially Microsoft has not released any statement. The Surface phone will also come with humongous Carl Zeiss Camera with Microsoft engraved near the flash. The capacitive press buttons are already there as they were with the Lumia devices.

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