Microsoft Surface Phone Specification Summary As Per Rumors

With 2017 above us, it seems like Microsoft is taking time to build its Surface Phone. It could still be a while before the company announces its launch. Meanwhile, we are trying to bring you all the juice Microsoft Surface Phone rumors, leaks and details. So fasten your seat belts because some big things are going to be revealed.

So the first announcement was that the phone would release in 2016. Mid-2016 we were sure the phone’s not going to release in 2016. But it has 100% possibility of coming this year. So let us take a look at its specifications.

Microsoft Surface Phone ‘Uniqueness’

CEO Satya Nadella has said that in bringing out the phone, they’ll not follow the competitors. Instead, he said, that they’ll give us some unique features that were never-seen-before. Some of the key specifications that are rumored to be present are –

• 6 GB RAM with 128 GB of storage
• 8GB RAM with 500 GB of data space
• 3GB RAM with 64 GB storage (least variant)

As of now, it seems like the Microsoft Surface Phone might very well replace PCs. The new phone is said to feature an x86 running capacity of applications. This type of function is present in Windows Continuum or Windows computers as of now.

It is interesting to notice how Microsoft came about with Surface Studio recently. It is a PC but not a PC meant for routine tasks – it is a PC meant for artists. So is it true that Microsoft is working on building a futuristic phone? Microsoft has refused to comment on this matter.

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A phone that doesn’t feel like one?

It seems like our speculations were correct! Microsoft’s CMO Chris Capossela expressed the desire to have a ‘spiritual equivalent’ in its new phone. He mentioned Apple saying that Apple wants to sell you an iPad and a Mac. Microsoft may look towards unifying the two and sending you an all-in-one package that contains both. He mentioned the new phone should “not feel like a phone” for people who love Windows.

Microsoft Surface Phone: Processor and Chipset

To run such a high-end phone, you need defined-chipset and processors. This phone is rumored to have Adreno 430 GPU chipset coupled with Octa Core processor. Qualcomm 835 Snapdragon SoC will power this high functioning phone. Couple that with the RAM available and you have a high functioning phone that can fulfill all your productive requirements.

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The phone is rumored to be powered with 64-bit Windows 10 working environment. It may have a 3-in-1 form factor and is likely to come with laptop accessories. As we already told you, it will be a lot like PCs.

Display Telltale

Some time back the rumor was that the phone would feature Carl Zeiss Optics. This story was established as a plain talk later. However, we now know that the Surface Phone will come with 5.7inch Super AMOLED screen with Quad-HD resolution.

Camera & Battery Rumors

It is said to come with a 21MP rear camera and an 8MP front-facing camera. However, this news leak is doing the rounds since November 2015. It might not be true anymore. The new news is that it is coming with Quick charge 4.0 which has 20% faster charging than Quick Charge 3.0. Wireless charging feature may come with this phone.

Fingerprint scanner? Iris Scanner? Stylus?

Yes, all three of them are making rounds. The Surface Phone will most probably have a fingerprint scanner. Since Lumia 950 already has an Iris scanner, and more products are coming on the market now with voice scanner, etc. Surface Phone is also expected to take the same route. It will not come down. It will upgrade itself, and therefore Iris Scanner alongside Fingerprint Scanner is a possibility.

Look, the Surface Phone is all about productivity. Hence it makes sense if it comes with its keyboard and stylus. We already heard that it might come with laptop accessories, so what is to suggest that a keyboard will not be present in there? If Microsoft is to upgrade the phone to allow x86 apps as we are hearing, then there’s a definite chance that keyboard and stylus might be included besides others.

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