Microsoft Is Planning To Launch Surface Pro 5 In 2017

Well, we can finally say that Microsoft made some plans for 2017. The tech biggie is planning to launch the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 in 2017. It will be the surface pro hybrid. According to certain reports, it confirms the new surface pro is coming with 4K Ultra HD resolution. It will also have the magnetic stylus and the wireless charging support.

The new explanation of Microsoft suggests that the Surface Pro 5 will contain for toggle buttons and the operating system will be inbuilt Windows 10.

We saw former surface pros from Microsoft. Pegatron developed all of them. And this one is also expected that Pegatron will manufacture it. But Microsoft is also bringing in the Quanta Computers for the development of Surface Pro 5.

Till now, nothing is confirmed yet. Also, we came to know that apart from Microsoft Surface Pro 5, the company recently had strong sales from the Surface Studio AIO. It will boost Pegatron’s performance. It was recently reported that Microsoft is also working hard to make the Windows 10 gamer friendly.

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Surface Pro 5 for gamers

The company is focusing on creating a gaming mode within the latest Windows 10. And this feature might very soon beat Apple, Google, and Facebook. The company will soon reach the market value of 1$ trillion, and this is more than all the companies mentioned above. Twitter user Walking Cat reveals it.

The latest build of 14997 will come with a new gamemode.dll file. And this indicates that company is working on it. The tweet also mentioned that Windows 10 allows users in adjusting the resources allocated for the CPU, graphics and much more. Thus, it will result in better gaming performance.

According to few rumors, the game mode is similar to the Xbox. And the console directs the resources to the window that is presently running on the screen. For the Windows 10, Microsoft included the DirectX12 support for the gamers.

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